Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Good Article on 20th Anniversary

If you are a regular reader here, you know that my place of employment recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. The following appeared in the daily state newspaper, The News Journal, having been picked up from a down-state weekly paper printed the week of the anniversary bash.
REHOBOTH BEACH -- It's been 20 years since Dos Locos opened its doors in Rehoboth Beach, and now it's time for owners Darryl Ciarlante and Joe Zuber to celebrate.

The duo has owned the restaurant since 2000 and has done its share of moving around town since then. However, each move brought more expansion. When they bought Dos Locos, it was at a 50-seat location on First Street. The current location on Rehoboth Avenue seats 186 guests.

Zuber credits the restaurant's success to its employees, some of which who have been working there since Zuber and Ciarlante arrived 12 years ago. "It's a lot of dedication from the staff," he said. "It's a family restaurant."

Zuber said Dos Locos tries to spin a Mexican twist on local food favorites. "We don't just serve regular chicken and steak fajitas," he said. "We try to expand the menu a great deal. We serve scallops, lobster, soft shell crab and fresh fish on the menu."
 Note: What sits in front of the locosguys in the image above is an Electric Blue "42 oz. Big Girl" Margarita, in case you're wondering.  All Margaritas come in 3 sizes; 12, 26 (Grande) & 42 oz. (Big Girl).

Read the rest HERE.

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