Saturday, May 31, 2014

Survey: Cat People are Smarter Than Dog People

I'll not say another word.  Only, pass the pop corn, this is going to be fun!  From Live Science:
SAN FRANCISCO — "Dog people" and "cat people" really do have different personalities, according to a new study.
People who said they were dog lovers in the study tended to be more lively — meaning they were more energetic and outgoing — and also tended to follow rules closely. Cat lovers, on the other hand, were more introverted, more open-minded and more sensitive than dog lovers. Cat people also tended to be non-conformists, preferring to be expedient rather than follow the rules.
And in a finding that's sure to spark rivalries among pet owners, cat lovers scored higher on intelligence than dog lovers. [Here, Kitty, Kitty: 10 Facts for Cat Lovers]
Part of the reason for the personality differences may be related to the types of environments cat or dog people prefer, said study researcher Denise Guastello, an associate professor of psychology at Carroll University in Waukesha, Wisconsin, who presented the findings here at the annual Association for Psychological Science meeting.
"It makes sense that a dog person is going to be more lively, because they're going to want to be out there, outside, talking to people, bringing their dog," Guastello said. "Whereas, if you're more introverted, and sensitive, maybe you're more at home reading a book, and your cat doesn't need to go outside for a walk."
The researchers surveyed 600 college students, asking whether they would identify themselves as dog lovers or cat lovers, and what qualities they found most attractive in their pets. Participants also answered a slew of questions to assess their personality.

More later.

Waterloo Caturday

Has been met.

And so it goes.

Friday, May 30, 2014

The AFA on the Harvey Milk Stamp & a Counter Suggestion

When I first read this “suggestion” yesterday the flaws in the plan became shockingly clear.  Evidently, not so much to the AFA. 
Incensed by the release of a postage stamp honoring Harvey Milk, the American Family Association is urging its members not only to avoid purchasing the stamp…but to refuse to accept or open any letter or package postmarked with one.
1. Refuse to accept the Harvey Milk stamp if offered by your local post office. Instead, ask for a stamp of the United States flag.
2. Refuse to accept mail at your home or business if it is postmarked with the Harvey Milk stamp. Simply write 'Return to Sender" on the envelope and tell your postman you won't accept it.  
In his daily email alert yesterday, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins also attacked the Obama administration for issuing the stamp, linking the move to the imprisonment of a Sudanese mother who is facing the death penalty for her conversion to Christianity: “(T)he Obama administration -- which had more than enough time to throw a party in honor of homosexual activist Harvey Milk -- hasn't had a spare second to demand the freedom of two of America’s youngest citizens.”
Here’s the suggested counter PSA (with a side of stupid) for those paranoid AFA members, courtesy of DU. (click image to embiggen.)

The stoopid.  It burns!
More later.


Thursday, May 29, 2014

After the Holiday, Discomfort

Or, something like that…

While mostly good weather stayed with us for the holiday weekend, things have gone down hill ever since. Sure, it may have been somewhat uncomfortable over the weekend, but most visitors could ignore it - being distracted by all the good times and social events. 

That’s over and reality has set in. It’s rained off and on every day all week. Even a few thunderstorms around. The temps have been in the 80s and the rain offers no relief for that situation. Just adds to the misery.

It’s been HOT, but high humidity and a very high pollen count has made just a bout everyone miserable. Allergies play no favorites. Local and visitor alike - all walking around sniffling, wiping runny eyes. 

Seems there’s little relief except in the ocean where the sea water seems to soothe the sinuses, offering some relief. Hasn’t bothered me much. I’ve even taken a few rides in the rain, mostly on back roads, just to get out of the city and apartment for a while. 

I’ve got Labs this morning with the possibility of transfusion later in the day, or tomorrow.  It’s been two weeks since my last transfusion, so we’ll see what the doctor says. 

I am no longer on the Chemo. He took me off a week ago when my white cells dropped into the basement and before I’d be forced to wear the isolation mask again.  Please, please.  Anything but that!!!

I’ve found another whole list of Pern books that I didn’t know about, or even that they existed. McCaffrey did a great job with character development - even with minor characters in the first books who play a greater roles as the storyline progresses.  It’s been great fun to read the back stories of some fave characters who were background noise in the first trilogy, as they become an integral part of the longer saga. 

There’s another trilogy devoted to the Harper Hall alone, as well as a biography of the early life of the Master Harper himself.  She has, indeed, created a lovely world and I am loving it.  Sure makes the boring time fly by, that’s for sure.

A blogger buddy suggested series, more recently published. “The Magicians” series by Lev Grossman.  They are all available in ebook form, too. The third in the series has just been published so if I like the first one, I can get the others without a long wait. 

On another note, the Locosguys left for NOLA yesterday, so I should be hearing something from them any time now. They did pick the dates (the beginning of hurricane season, and the rainy season down there, anyway)so there are few festivals or other distractions to intrude on their holiday.  They aren’t into jazz. In fact, I’m not sure what kind of  music they enjoy.  Again, not my problem.  Hope they enjoy the scenery, the food, and the local hospitality.  They deserve the brief rest.

Off to have blood drawn to make sure I didn’t die over this past week.  Cheers!

And so it goes.


R.I.P. - Maya Angelou

More later.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

The Reality:

The Truth

When will our young people stop fighting rich man's wars that only profit the rich?

And so it goes.

Sunday, May 25, 2014


From Sean @ Just a Jeep Guy…

1. Memorial Day is a day of remembrance but it also signifies the "Official" start of summer. What are your plans this weekend?
If the rains let up I hope to be out and about on the boardwalk people-watching and enjoying the ocean along with them.

2. What is your most and least favorite thing about summer?
Most favorite = seeing folks not seen since their holiday visit last summer.
Least favorite = Obnoxious, rude tourists. And we get plenty of them being a beach resort town.

3. What do you think of when I say "Bar-B-Que?"
Slow cooked meats, well seasoned and so tender it falls apart in your hands. Grilling is great and more common for things like burgers, steaks, corn on the cobb, shish-kabob.

4. What is your favorite summer food?
Summer produce like watermelon, fresh corn on the cob, ice cream and Italian ices. 

5. Are you is (in) swim suit shape yet?
Unfortunately, due to the meds I’m taking I have to stay off the beach and remain clothed.  A bummer for one living at the Ocean. But, I get my sunshine. The illness has cause such weight loss that I’m basically a rack of bones, anyway.

6. Given the choice, which do you prefer: ocean, lake or pool?
The Ocean is best.  Never a pool - too nasty. Lakes are way too cold for me - been there, done that - I shrivel up too quickly. No fun, that.

7. Which summer blockbuster movie are you most looking forward to seeing?
The only hot summer films around here at the big blowout super hero films. I am not interested in those.  Spandex makes me sneeze!

8. Summer reading: What? Recommendations?
I strted re-reading the dragons of Pern series again, and decided to continue reading the many others in the series. Anne McCaffrey loved her dragons and the world she created.  Great fun, and quick reading.

9. Vacation Plans? If you can't, what would you do if you could?
At this point I have to be transfused weekly which is hardly conducive to taking a break for any length of time. If I could, however, I would take an Alaskan Cruise, a restful visit to Amsterdam, and/or a trip to Northern Ireland to visit the new Titanic Museum. I not greedy!

10. Did you ever have to go to summer school?

Sex on the beach?

Yes! The ocean and dunes between the Pines and Cherry Grove on Fire Island. I was 18 years old at the time. Ah, memories. (grin)

And so it goes.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Friday, May 23, 2014

Inevitable Invasion and Random Thoughts

Bracing for the human tsunami about to hit our little beach town, especially after such a harsh winter.

If there was any doubt that this weekend is the kickoff to the summer of 2014, the traffic (even in the heavy downpours) clogging the major roadways is a quick reminder.  Some have even found our more convenient backroads and have invaded those, as well. Some are never satisfied!

The outlet centers are packed - there is even a line of cars waiting for parking spaces.  Honest to the Goddess, it’s true. Parking lots of markets and (of course) liquor stores are full, too.

They began arriving en masse yesterday as I made my way home from the Center where - after the blood work - I was told I didn’t need to be transfused this week.  Yay!  One week without a poke in the chest suits me just fine. 

As I left the center the traffic was already backed up on the major Ocean highway, as well as the arteries feeding into it from Virginia, Maryland & DC. The Ocean Highway is the more direct and major route for folks coming from New Jersey and Pennsylvania. I live less then 3 miles from the center and it took me a half hour to get back into town. 

There was no way I was going to fight the hordes for parking anywhere just to pick up a few things that were on sale that I need. I saved that for this morning at 6 am while the tourists were still snuggled in their beds, or passed out from a night of festive pre-holiday partying. Take your pick. It was smooth sailing.  I am home now for the duration, unless I have the energy to take a walk to Dos Locos (if the rain disappears) for a bit of lunch and a cocktail. We shall see.

I noticed this morning that my spathiphyllum (peace lily) plant is delivering 2
new blossoms to me this week.  It’s always a joy when that happens.  The plants seem to have a mind of their own and send out flowers whenever they damned well please.  Fine with me. I love when they choose to surprise me.

Every day this week my tarot card of the day has been from the minor arcana of Coins (Pentacles) and they are all cards that have shown up before, but in no particular order. The cards, so far, have all been of a positive nature, giving me lots of think about. Especially financials and talent-wise.

I read this morning that at least 2 states are so determined to kill death row inmates that, since the lethal injection drugs are banned now, they want to bring back the electric chair (yes, old sparky!) and even Firing Squads.  This is what a civilized society of the 21st century looks like, class. (shakes head in disbelief)

The neighbors (the pizza-loving, heavy smoking, partiers) have successfully killed off some beautiful hanging baskets of flowers they purchased for their porch.  Very festive, cheerful, and colorful - begonias, bleeding hearts, geraniums, and many others.  They didn't die from second-hand smoke, but for lack of water. You know, these folks are on their porch about every hour throughout the day puffing on cigarettes, you’d think they might notice a wilting flower pot and maybe bring out a pitcher of water once it a while….but no. Not on their selfish radar. It broke my heart to see the baskets in the trash. Idiots!

My fave online eyeglass company is having a 15% off sale this weekend, so I ordered another 2 pair - one bifocals and one computer distance. I’m forever annoyed that the computer glasses are always in the wrong room when I need them, so now I will have another pair. And one can never have too many pairs of bifocals. Especially at such prices.

With my new and improved appetite I’ve chosen to celebrate the holiday weekend with some barbecue ribs, and fresh white, silver queen corn on the cob from the local farmer’s market. Yes, it’s just me, but one of my fave summer foods happens to be fresh corn on the cob.  Reminds me of my childhood - crawfish, corn on the cob, crackers and ice cold beer. Yum.

No crawfish or crackers (dammit!), but I will enjoy the ribs and an ice cold beer.  So, there.

Have a safe weekend, y’all. Forget zombies, they’re no match for the crazies on the roads.

And so it goes.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Coming Soon - Get Milk

And it's about time after 2 or 3 false starts.  Here it is. The unveiling will be at the White House today.

Better late, than never.

More later.

Another BP Deepwater Appeal Rejected.

That’s it,  Appeal, stall, and appeal. Blather, wince and repeat. Do anything and everything except what you're obligated to do, and promised to do. For the past FOUR YEARS

From the BBC:
Oil giant BP has suffered a setback in its attempt to limit payouts over the 2010 Gulf of Mexico spill.
A US court has refused to reconsider its decision that firms do not have to prove they were directly harmed by the oil spill to get settlement payouts.
It means the compensation claims process, which has been suspended since a separate court ruling in December, should now be able to resume.
BP said it was "disappointed" by the decision and mulling its legal options.
It had argued at an earlier court hearing that some firms had filed fictitious spill claims.
The 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans voted 8-5 against BP.
Legal battleThe court hearing was the latest in a long series held to determine who BP owes money to following the largest oil spill in US history.
The oil giant will now have to decide whether to progress to the next legal stage, and take its case to the US Supreme Court.
The explosion on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig four years ago killed 11 workers, and pumped millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.
In the latest ruling, Judge Leslie Southwick stated that a 2012 policy statement, issued by the court-appointed claims administrator and developed with "input and assent from BP," clearly spelled out the criteria for business compensation claims.
Mr Southwick said all parties agreed to the relevant criteria, before court approval of that 2012 settlement deal.
Foot-dragging and appeals hoping it will all go away. Just do the right thing and move on, will ya! Jeez.

And so it goes.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Before the Rains Came

The good news is that I slept until 4:30 this morning - slept deeply and soundly - and woke up refreshed, instead of wrung out. The not-so-good news is that it took a double dose of the ‘ol Benadryl to do the trick. Still, the trick was done and that’s all that matters, right?

The rains held off this morning so I took off for another bit of ocean air and hot coffee (too chilly for iced today) after which I walked around the block from the apartment for a little more exercise, just to make sure I could do it. I could and did.

As I was coming back up the Avenue, passing the local Starbuck’s (yes, we have one, too) I couldn’t help but notice a curious sight. An obvious homeless person, belongings in plastic mesh sacks in an old toy wagon, was proselytizing at one of the outdoor tables as other customers read their papers and sipped their - whatevers. 

The gent had himself a busy morning from the looks of his own table. Aside from newspapers and old magazines, he had about 15 or 20 partially smoked cigarette butts lined up (who knows where they came from, I don’t want to know) in a neat row beside his large (Starbuck’s) coffee.

Being short of teeth it was a strain to understand his ramblings, but he went on as if he was running for office and this was the campaign stop of the day. I watched as he extinguished a butt when there was nothing left but the filter, take out a fancy lighter, and light up another one.  He then picked up his tirade where he left it and was off to the races once again.

What I found curious, aside from his very presence in an upscale area of town, was that no one seemed to be bothered by him. He wasn’t addressing anyone in particular or trying to intrude in any way. No one was even listening to him or giving him the time of day.  He was just THERE!

He was loud enough that when I walked across the street to the local market I could hear him until I went into the store.  Another first, another new experience to my life in Rehoboth Beach.  As I walked around the corner towards the apartment his voice eventually faded away as it began to rain. 

An interesting little adventure but I can’t help wondering how long it will take before the local police rid the streets of this unique character.  They have little patience for the homeless, since, in their eyes, there are NO homeless people in the area.

I must say that the experience reminded me of New York, or Hyde Park, but not Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

And so it goes.


Say What You Want About Delaware…

Like many other states, The First State has its share of woes…but not when it
comes to an emergency honey bee situation.  Oh no. We have a plan!
Motorists in Delaware were buzzing with one of the most unusual police alerts ever: “Transient bee swarms in the area.”
A tractor-trailer hauling 460 hives from Florida to Maine overturned on a northbound on-ramp on I-95 in Newark, Del., releasing between 16 million and 20 million bees and causing police to advise drivers to avoid the area.
The driver, 55, and two passengers in their 20s suffered minor injuries in the crash, but were each stung by between 50 and 100 bees.
"(They) were running down the street covered in bees, receiving multiple bee stings," Lawrence Tan, chief of New Castle County Paramedics, told WPVI. The station also sent out a photo of the accident scene:
The three were taken to a hospital and are in stable condition, according to multiple reports in the local media.
The state police have had a contingency plan in place for the removal of bee swarms for 14 years, but until now, it's just been words on paper. (bolding mine)
"This is the first time we've actually activated the plan," Sgt. Paul G. Shavack told Delaware Online.
With so many bees around the truck, it took at least an hour before police could even get near it -- so they called in experts, as the plan advises.
“Having traveled up from Florida, up here they’re probably thirsty, now they’re all disoriented and angry I’m sure,” beekeeper Dave Feinberg told CBS Philadelphia.
"They've been traumatized so they're pretty upset now," Paul Dill, another beekeeper, told
Beekeepers advised police not to attempt to round them up but to disperse them with water. Video of the scene shows firefighters spraying the wreck.
The bees were being brought to Maine to pollinate blueberries, NBC Philadelphia reports. But it's estimated that 90 percent of the bees were lost as a result of the accident.
It's not a total loss for everyone, though. Local beekeepers are being allowed to keep whatever bees they can roundup. 
You can’t make this stuff up. Troopers can’t handle traffic during a power failure, but they’ve got a plan for handling overturned trucks full of bees.  

Got fig.

And so it goes.


Congratulations, Pennsylvania

Let the good times roll!  This is just too good.
Has Rick Santorum's head exploded yet! He recommended the judge. #Pennsylvania#gaymarriage— Mike Signorile (@MSignorile) May 20, 2014
And Frothy's isn't the only wing-nut head likely to explode. The usual suspects are in an absolute tizzy this morning. Oh well, hater gonna hate.

More later.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Out and About, Again.

Having a few errands to run today I thought I’d get them out of the way early (as usual) and enjoy what will likely be the last nice, seasonal day before the holiday weekend. Rain is due tonight through Friday. The car needed to be fueled up, there were items to go to the recycle center and a few things to look for at Staples.

While I was out anyway, I decided to have breakfast at the other restaurant owned by the Locosguys, in Lewes, called JD’s Cafe. It would give me a chance to see co-workers I didn’t see last week at Dos Locos and catch up on their lives. 

Shortly after I arrived, I was sipping coffee when the Locosguys walked through the doors. They joined me and we commiserated as we enjoyed breakfast together. It was sad to note that a few folks who worked with us last year were unable to return because their governments feared they would defect. Most were in their last year of school, which seems to be the prime time for students to make a quick getaway.

So, at the last minute, the restaurant is short handed and the holiday is upon us. I told them I would help in any way I could, though they wouldn’t be allowed to pay me because I’m not suppose to work. But Hell, I would love to spend a few hours, a couple of days around people again.  Even for free!

We talked a little about their upcoming trip to NOLA and they seemed very excited. I like that. Since we made all the reservations last week they’ve talked with friends who’ve been to NOLA and they confirmed my suggestions as some of the best.  That seemed to suit the guys just fine.

As I made the stop at Staples (which is across the highway from the Multiplex) I had a sudden itch to take in a movie - on the big screen - for the first time in years.

So, being a Tuesday before Memorial Day weekend, and being the town is pretty much deserted, I thought I might take in a movie at the Multiplex early in the afternoon.  (Don’t faint, or anything. I’m desperate.)  So, I checked out the viewing choices on line and was left scratching my head - wondering what half these films are about and where they came from.

Yes, I guess I am out of the loop, movie-wise, because I recognized few titles and fewer “stars” performing in them. Four are summer blockbusters - which I have no desire to see. Especially not Spiderman or Captain America. Spandex makes me sneeze! 

And those four features are playing on 8 screens (4 in 2-D and 4 in 3-D) which leaves the other screens playing either kid-flicks or, as I said, films I’ve never heard of - except two: “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and the Disney documentary, “Bears”. No, not that  kind of bears.  The kind that hibernate  and shit in the woods.  Those bears. Not interested in that one.

There are times when I am not happy where I live - even with the Ocean so nearby. This was one of them. 

The only offering I’d like to see The Grand Budapest Hotel, though the reviews have been mixed, I’ve heard enough to be interested and would like to draw my own conclusions. However, there is no matinee; first showing is 4:40 pm.  So, the movie idea was out of the question. 

So what did I do instead you ask?  Well, I took a walk on the boardwalk, sat in the sun and listened to the ocean as little ones carrying bags of french fries dodged the seagulls dive bombing them to get at the tasty treats.  

Drove home and feeling inspired, I made a spinach and bacon quiche, that’s what I did. Of course I’ll be eating the thing for a few days, but I’ve suddenly got an appetite and I’ll feed it while it’s here. 

And so it goes.


Congratulations, Oregon!

"Oregon recognizes a marriage of love with the same equal eye that it recognizes a marriage of convenience. It affords the same set of rights and privileges to Tristan and Isolde that it affords to a Hollywood celebrity waking up in Las Vegas with a blurry memory and a ringed finger. It does not, however, afford these very same rights to gay and lesbian couples who wish to marry within the confines of our geographic borders." - US District CourtJudge Michael McShane, in just one of many memorable lines in today's ruling that overturned Oregon's ban on same-sex marriage.
Here's to another round of exploding wing-nut heads. May there be many more to come.

h/t: JMG

More later.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Fair Weekend and a World’s Fair

Turns out those Friday afternoon storms that caused the blackout/power outage lasted for about 3 hours tying up traffic, causing bad drivers to show their lack of driving abilities (as well as their bad tempers) and shutting down businesses on a 3-mile stretch of busy commercial real estate. 

As mentioned in the earlier post, the city of Rehoboth wasn’t affected, which (thankfully) is usually the case. The rains however, didn’t let up until late evening. Leaving us with a very quiet and peaceful night. 

Yesterday dawned with blue skies and mild winds and I got out to run a few errands.  Even went down to the beach, grabbed an iced coffee and sat on a bench by the ocean for a while before taking a walk on the boardwalk, and heading back home.  The fresh air was good for the soul and body.

The town is packed with people for the weekend and the weather is supposed to be lovely, in the 70s throughout. I want to get the shopping done early this morning before anyone begins to stir or get on the roads.  Also early enough that I can enjoy another iced coffee on the boardwalk before the hordes finish breakfast/brunch. 

Sounds like a good plan to me. The 2 units of blood seem to have boosted my energy level this weekend. Still not sleeping much, (the Benadryl only offers a few hours at best) but I’m not falling all over myself in a stupor, either. 

This is a new book I’m currently reading and since I worked at the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair it’s a eye-opening look at the overall picture of what NYC - and the world - was like during the years from 1960 through 1967 and how the events of the time played a big role in the failure of the Fair. Yes, Robert Moses was the biggest problem, but the entire country played a huge part in the changing attitudes of the times, mocking the message and theme of the World’s Fair both years. “Peace Through Understanding” was hardly a realistic outcry of the times. 

I’m little more than 60% through and it’s a good read. Anyway, it brings back memories and forces me to think of where I was while the world changing events were taking place all around me. I remember many of the incidents sited in the book only vaguely since I worked 6 - 7 days a week for the 2 years of the exhibition, spending the other hours either under ground on the subways to and from work, or at home, pretty much sleeping as much as possible. 

The fact that I would become part of the social unrest and the anti-war movement less than 2 years later, the gay rights movement 3 years later, makes me chuckle today.

That said, I made lots of money and had a great time. The Fair was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I will never forget. I wouldn’t have missed it for anything.  The book is giving me an overall view of what I was only slightly aware of all those years ago.

And so it goes.

Operation American Spring?

Well, that was fast.  Bwwaaaaahahahahahahaha!

Yes, well...

And so it goes.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hogwarts Caturday

Now, where is that Horcrux??!??

More later.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Not Much Reaches the Brain

In hindsight I probably shouldn’t have done this, but I was desperate to sleep. I purchased a package of Unisom gels and being so exhausted from lack of sleep that I was unable to even comprehend what I read, took one at about 6 pm Wednesday night.

Two hours later when the alarm went off to take my 8 o’clock meds I woke in a stupor and, seeing it was still light outside, mistook the clock to read 8 am - not pm as I gobbled the meds. I began to panic, thinking that I’d overslept since I had Labs to be done at 8:45 am. 

Stumbled into the bathroom banging into the door frame and sink, rushing to wash my face and brush teeth to get ready to leave - very hurriedly.  

Slowly, as the fog lifted I came to realize that it was only 8 pm Wednesday evening when I had taken the pill and not Thursday morning.  It was OK, since it was the correct pill at the correct time, but the whole episode threw me off balance. I was finally able to go back to sleep, but for some reason, I was awake again at midnight as on many previous nights and could’t go back to sleep.

Well, at least I gave it a shot.  Not sure sleep aids are the answer to my problem, whatever that may be.  I do know that I am more tired and stressed with each passing day. At least the Unisom didn’t leave me in a zombie state as some folks report. I think I’ll stick with Benadryl tabs just before bedtime and see what happens. 

Lab results showed the CBC to be way down, as well as other important levels. Absolute Neutrophil count was back in the danger zone. The consensus is that it’s Chemo causing this problem. Heaven knows, I don’t want to have to go back to wearing the insolation mask again.

The odd thing is that even with the numbers so dangerously low, I didn’t have the usual symptoms and everyone noticed that I had good colour, no pallor. This tends to confuse everyone, especially me.

I was hoping to enjoy a burger lunch at a fave joint today, but instead I spent 7 hours at the center  receiving 2 units of blood to bring those numbers back to a safe level.  That should get me through the weekend and into next week.  

I left the Center in a downpour and was soaked to the bone by the time I got to the car. Driving home in the middle of that heavy rainstorm this afternoon I realized that the traffic lights on the highway were out (not blinking, just out) and all stores and electrical signage was dark, too. Not a good sign.

There were no troopers directing traffic - which was quite heavy for a Friday afternoon in May - so it was every car for itself. The power was out for about 4 miles and it was slow going. I noticed a couple of fender-benders (some folks just never learn) along the way.

I chose the path of least resistance by coming back into town via the backroads, the ones without traffic signals, to find that the city of Rehoboth still had electric power and was not affected.

I hung my wet clothes in the bathtub and turned on the Emergency Weather Radio when I got in. We are under a flash flood warning situation this evening until 7 pm, and I am happy to be home and dry

It’s hard to believe that the Memorial Day Weekend (the formal beginning of the summer season here) is only a week away. Time is flying by and I’m missing out on much of life right now.

The Amazon Gift Certificate arrived. Makes a nice ending to a damp, dreary day, to say the least.

And so it goes.


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Michael & Vito

Since this photo - and related video was released the so-called media hounds have been apoplectic in their attempts to identify the smaller white guy wrapped in Michael’s arms sucking face.

Well, his name is Vito Cammisano, who was on the swim team - and OUT athlete - at the same university as Michael.  I think they make a handsome couple.  I don’t care what the homophobic sports jocks think.

As you may know, I am not a fan of American (grunt) Football.  I prefer soccer, for obvious reasons. That's another story. But, I do have one major concern, however. And that is accidents (or otherwise major injuries) to Michael on the playing field.  Call me paranoid, but I don’t trust the locker room mentality of these guys, most of whom cannot write an intelligent sentence or speak in words of more than 2 syllables. If you get my drift.

Still, I think they make a great couple and wish them both well.

More later.


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Inspections, Reservations and Dry Martinis

Felt much better than expected as I drove out to the DMV yesterday morning. Or rather, I should say I “drove the gauntlet” to the DMV. Road, highway, and home construction created obstacles every few miles.  From heavy equipment on and off the roadway, to lane closures on an otherwise major artery from DC and Maryland. Unfortunately, I had to drive the road in both directions, since my alternate route of choice was closed completely for 3 miles in either direction. There was also electronic signage flashing warnings of more disruptions to come next week in other areas down the same road.

It was good I chose to make the journey when I did. It will be a complete nightmare by next week.  Why this work is left to just weeks before Memorial Day and the summer season, I cannot guess and will probably never know.  But, they do it all the time, every year.

Needless to say, the trip took much longer than it ought, but I had nothing else to do and no where to be before noon, so I took my time and watched other frantic drivers (who weren’t as fortunate) pound their fists and scream at the road crews, who couldn’t hear them over the noise of their machines anyway.

As usual for a Monday, the inspection lines at the DMV were already long when I arrived - a half hour before the bays were opened. Oh, well. I was lucky to get behind three landscaping trucks who went through quickly and passed with flying colors. My own inspection went smoothly as well and within a half hour I had paid for the new sticker and was on the road heading back to the beach. 

Of course by this time it was what passes for “rush hour” around these parts so traffic was heavier, drivers more animated (and angry) as it was slow going up to the last  2 miles before reaching the Ocean highway, better known as Route 1. It took over 3 hours for the round trip, but I am set for another 2 years - if I live that long- before having to do it all over again.

I printed out a few pages of New Orleans websites and drove over to Dos Locos. Being almost a summer day (temps hit the upper 80s)and people getting their first really good day at the beach, it was a chore to find a parking spot nearby. I drove around a while and finally one spot opened up a few doors down from the restaurant.  I was in!

After hugs from everyone in the place and sharing some news regarding the upcoming season, Joe and I spent 2 hours in the office going over their itinerary.  Ostensibly, this trip is to celebrate Darryl’s birthday (which always falls too close to Mother’s Day for a real getaway), but I think they both want (and need) one more short retreat before the hordes descend for the next 4 months.

They chose really good restaurants - only one I didn’t know or personally approve of, but hey, if they didn’t know me, they’d not know any good dining spots in town and would rely on either Open Table or Trip Advisor.  Neither of which I would trust, especially reviewing a city like NOLA. 

For instance, many reviewers complained about slow service, not understanding that is a trademark of the “City That Time Forgot” and not a lack of care for diners. Diners aren’t rushed in and out of restaurants in that town.  Defeats the purpose of all the effort to prepare such good food. 

So, as we sat there, Joe chose the days, times, and restaurants for just about every meal for the 5 days they’ll be there. He even made reservations as we made various choices. 

We left a couple of breakfast or lunch spots free for those times they want to take a tour or street car ride around town.  They can have a few more adventures that way on their own.  

After all that work was done and reservations made, it was time for a cocktail.  Well, of course it was, silly.

We sat at the bar as Joe sipped a Bulldog and I thoroughly enjoyed a long-awaited Bombay Martini, we talked more about the trip, the city, and his luck with getting an incredible deal on a suite at a new hotel in the Quarter.  They are within walking distance to everything of importance to the new visitor and he seemed quite proud of his accomplishment.  As he should be.

Suddenly most of the staff was behind us and Joe decided we needed a couple of pictures of the memorable occasion.  So, here they are. These were taken with his phone. Joe and me at the top of the post (can you tell I am totally enjoying the moment?) and with the wait and kitchen staff in this one. The usual suspects, and it was a joy to see them all, at least for a short time.

I really miss my work and these great folks. I hope I get to go back to work again some time. All in all, a good day and the buzz I came home with wasn’t a bad way to cap it off. I actually had another half martini, poured without my knowledge by the bartender, my bud, Piolin. But, I won’t tell if you don’t…

And so it goes.

Wurst Wins Eurovision.

I know I'm a little late with this, but I don't have TV service and it took a while to find out more details.  Conchita's win even has some old Russian (Soviet) Politicians bemoaning the fact that the USSR freed Austria.  He says, "we should have stayed:
"There's no limit to our outrage. It's the end of Europe. It has turned wild. They don't have men and women any more. They have 'it'.  Fifty years ago the Soviet army occupied Austria. We made a mistake in freeing Austria. We should have stayed." - Former Duma vice chairman Vladimir Zhirinovsky, reacting to the Eurovision win of Conchita Wurst.
Be that as it may, they didn't stay and Conchita is a huge hit all over Europe.  And I, for one, am thrilled, elated.  The song is powerful and her performance is excellent.  There is nothing we cannot accomplish.
More later.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Same Song, Second Verse.

Four hours of sleep, but deeper sleep, tonight. Still, I am wide awake again at 12:30 AM. No supper to speak of last evening and my stomach was actually grumbling when I awoke.  That’s a good sign, I guess.

I think I need to get very, very drunk.  That’s a fine idea only with all the meds in my old body I’d be sure to create some kind of vile, nasty reaction if I did so.

Better to put the quiet of the night time to good use. Create new file folders for the ever increasing number of medical statements that arrive almost daily. I’ve had a bagel with cream cheese with a hard cooked egg and a coffee.  So far, all is sitting well in the stomach. 

In a few hours I will make the 20 mile journey to the DMV (Division of Motor Vehicles) to have the car inspected, then continue on to Dos Locos to chat with the locosguys about their trip. 

The visit was postponed yesterday - Mother’s Day - because the guys made spur-of-the-moment plans to spend a quiet dinner with their families. That was fine with me.

More later.


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Tossin’ and Turnin’!

Just another sleepless night around these parts. I did fall asleep around 8 last night but was wide awake again by midnight. I stayed in the dark for a while hoping that sleep would return, but after an hour of that frustration, I turned on the lights and read until 4 am when I had to take my first drugs of the day. 

Scrambled up an egg and a slice of toast, followed it up with juice and a coffee Although I couldn’t eat it all, I felt better for the bit in my stomach.

Got a message from the Locosguys last evening asking that I give them some ideas for their upcoming long weekend trip to New Orleans. They want me to come by the restaurant today, and if I feel up to it I will take them up on their offer. I'd love the chance to see everyone and be out among the living for a change.

So, the dark, pre-dawn hours were spent collecting links to websites for restaurants that I know and love. I don’t know the guys' taste in foods, but I hope they are at least adventurous enough to try some very different dishes, or known dishes served up in unconventional ways.  Anyway, that’s up to them. I’m just preparing the list and will chat with them at length sometime today - I hope.

They’ve already made hotel reservations, using travel points, as they said, so I am not responsible for that part of the trip. I know little about the grand hotel they’ve booked, other than that it’s known locally as a hot, expensive tourist and conventioneer’s place.  Not something I would choose, but they ain’t me.  This is their first trip to the city, so they’ll have fun, I am sure.

All this has given me something to do to pass time otherwise spent reading. I’ve re-read all the Pern books I’d read years ago, plus I downloaded a few of the newer additions to the saga.  They’ve been a nice diversion and very quick reads. Sometimes too quick, if you get my drift. There are a few still that I haven’t read, so if this insomnia keeps hanging around, I might download one or two to remain occupied and pass the boring time.

I haven’t been on FB in over a month for obvious reasons, and I find that I don’t miss it. Turns out that it’s not what I thought it would be anymore - a far cry from anything remotely “social” at least to my mind. In any case, I doubt I’ll return after all this time. 

It's an absolutely glorious day here and since it's also Mother's Day, I hope I can find a parking spot near the restaurant.  If not, well...  It is what it is.

And so it goes.

TMI – Make Mine A Double !

Sean @ Just a Jeep Guy does it again. Here are  my responses.

1. Do you have a favorite alcoholic drink?
Bombay Sapphire Gin Martini straight up, very dry, with olives. I also like a good Frozen Golden Margarita, especially in the hot days of summer.

2. What kind of wine do you prefer?
Usually a Merlot, but again, in Summer I like a nice chilled glass of Chardonnay. 

3. Do you have a favorite beer?
I’m not really a big beer fan, especially not American brands. I tend to go for heavier robust stuff like Guinness when I have beer at all.

4. Can you taste the difference between vodkas?
Not so much anymore - tastebuds are shot. I can still determine the smooth ones from the rot-gut brands.

5. Are you a top shelf or rail kinda person?
If I’m having a Bombay Martini, then top shelf.  If I am having a mixed drink, like gin and tonic or rum and coke, no. It would be a waste of the good stuff to mix it with such things.

6. What was your most memorable (good, bad or embarrassing) drinking experience?
None that I care to remember anymore.  Most memorable times were in my previous life and that was 30 years worth of memories that are best forgotten now.

Have you ever drunk dialed?
No! There is no one to call, anyway. 

More later.


Saturday, May 10, 2014

Hobby Caturday

I need me one of those..

More later.

Night Life in the ER

This has got to stop. Seriously. Another visit to the ER Thursday night really puts me over the edge. Enough is enough!

All went normally and smoothly with the late transfusion on Thursday afternoon. Unplugged, patched and sent on my way, I was home at supper time, but not hungry.

Suddenly, I felt a tickle on the right side of my chest and when I went to scratch it, it was wet. When I looked at my hand, it was blood stained.  Fortunately, it was staining an old tee-shirt, but as I checked the mirror I found the gauze bandage saturated with blood.  The puncture wound had not closed completely and was producing a slow, steady drip.

I removed the bandage to find that although the blood had tried to coagulate, it just hadn't. I cleaned the area, replaced the gauze patch and tape, snagged an ice bag and propped myself up to read until the bleeding stopped.  Ice usually does the trick quickly.  Not this time.

As the night wore on, I changed the bandage thrice more and it was still not cooperating. There was a slight pressure/pain in the area so I thought that maybe something had damaged the port somehow, and I didn’t have any info about what to do differently in such a situation. Couldn’t find any other info on the Web other than what I had already been doing: Ice, Pressure, and fresh Bandage.

By this time it was almost midnight and I had been up for 24 hours (right, insomnia has been a problem, too.) but I was afraid that the Heparin solution may have been drained and I would have trouble with a clot next week when the port was accessed again for Lab work. I was exhausted, but still not sleepy.

Finally, I dressed and drove to the ER in the chilly, foggy night air.  I felt chills and even slightly feverish, but that was the least of my concerns. I had to stop the bleeding, somehow.

The ER was packed even at that hour. (I guess many folks still haven’t signed up for Obamacare around here.) As I registered and told the nurse the situation, she checked my files (you’d think they’d have them memorized by now!), noticed that I am a cancer patient at the Center and within 10 minutes I was in an exam room with a handsome, ginger doctor hovering over my open wound. 

Since I had all my paperwork and lab results from the day with me, they could forgo the preliminary testing and just get to the problem. The port was checked carefully for any damage or defect, none was found. Sitting up straight the entire time (lying down caused more blood to flow, glad I sat up with the icepack at home before I came)  the doc examined the whole area with great care and sensitivity.  Feeling for the tiny tubing as traced its track.

A clear salve called LET was applied (it contains Epinephrine) to halt the superficial blood flow. This was bandaged and taped tightly. I had to sit or stand for a half hour while the salve did its thing. When the hot doc returned and removed the bandage, the flow had all but stopped, so he repeated the application. 15 minutes later, the wound was dry.  He then applied surgical glue to the area which will eventually wash away in the shower.

It was 2:30 am Friday as I drove back to town in a heavy fog that matched my state of mind, being sleep deprived for so long.  But when I arrived home I wasn’t sleepy. Instead, I sat up and read until I finally became drowsy at about 5 am.  I was awake, I mean wide awake, at 7:30, again, unable to sleep. 

The Chemo was finally delivered in late afternoon, and I forced myself to eat something - other than fruit cups) at supper time. Took a shower and climbed back into bed at around 7, but again, sleep was slow to come.

I was awake again at 12:30 am this morning and don’t know what to make of any of this. Just another day in the wide, wide world of medicine and medical mishugas.

And so it goes.

Friday, May 9, 2014

As Luck Would Have it...

Wouldn’t you know that as I dressed for my Labs appointment at the cancer center this morning - it began to rain…heavily. Of course, I didn’t want to drive on the highway with only one good wiper blade, so I quickly finished dressing, grabbed a roll of paper towels and ran to the car.

The idea was to find a sheltered, or semi-sheltered overhang where I could replace the old blades without drowning in the process. I drove around town trying to remember the car parks of the major hotels and which were protected from the weather, or at least from rain. Funny how those obvious things never stick in memory. Finally found one that was easily accessible (others had to be activated by hotel keys) which is a stupid idea, but I guess it works for them.

It was just after dawn so no one was around to shoo me away. After unwrapping the new wiper blades I ducked out and dried the windshield and old wipers as well as I could to get a good grip. The old ones came off without a hitch.  The new ones however, the Michelin’s were the newer “universal” type that fit many make and model cars.

It took a good 15 minutes to figure out which of the adapters were appropriate for the Corolla, but I got them on, finally. Hands filthy and black from the rubber, fingers cramping from the cold and necessary manipulation of the blades, I made my way to the cancer center where I just had time to use the restroom to scrub my hands and clean my fingernails before being called for the lab work. 

It is a relief to know that’s one less thing to worry about this weekend. On the way back into town to wait for a call to return for a single unit transfusion, I stopped at the the Municipal Building to pick up my 2014 Resident Parking Permit. They’re issued by the city annually so residents can park on the streets free of charge.  A nice little gift. Of course, they’re only valid in the non-metered parking spaces around town.

Got the call from the Revlimid company and told that my new monthly prescription will arrive tomorrow, Friday.  That means, class, I must be here to sign which translates to another day lost, since "next day" delivery service means just that: no specific time for delivery - could be 8 am or 8 pm.  Stuck!

Just received the call from the center at 2:20 that the blood will be delivered there in a half hour.  This means another late day transfusion session at the center, probably won’t get back until 6 or so.  Bother!  

And, I'm Off!  Again...

And so it goes.


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Ready? Not so Fast.

I woke this morning feeling more energized than I have in weeks. Not wanting to push my luck, but I decided this was as good a time as any to take on my “must-do" list - that didn’t get done yesterday.  That extra day of rest seemed to do it for me.

Gathered myself together and  with list in hand went down to the bright yellow dusted car. A beautiful day with clear blue skies greeted me as I opened the front door. The air was fresh and clean after  all the rain, and it was chilly, at least for my bones. I took a few rags to clean off the car windows and windshield. It was an easy job, the dew was heavy and everything just slid right off onto the rags. I then got into the car and started the engine. The windshield was still a bit smudged so I turned on the wipers and spritzed the glass with wiper fluid.

Imagine my surprise when half of the wiper blade on the passenger side began to flop around.  Yes, the winter had done a number on the wipers, made them brittle and now they need to be replaced.  Funny thing, the first chore on the list was the Inspection Station, which, of course, was now out of the question. I hate when a monkey wrench is thrown into my well-laid plans for the most efficient use of the day.

So, instead of the DMV I spent more time than I should have hunting down the proper wiper blades for my car. The GOOD: it’s a very popular, reliable car so they are everywhere.  The BAD: since they are so common  it’s hard to find wiper blades in the most common of places. Even (I hate to admit this) Walmart didn’t have anything of a brand name. Why did I expect more?

Finally stopped at a tiny out-of-the-way Auto Parts shop as a last resort and wouldn’t you know, they had them.  Michelin brand, too.  They were a bit dusty but still in their packaging. The owner checked to make sure they were in good condition before selling them to me. I gladly paid him the $20.00 and was on my way.

Two more errands were scratched off the list before I began to fade and have trouble breathing. Instinctively knew I had better get back home soon. Now I have to see if I can change the blades myself, or need to have someone else do it. My hands don’t work as they used to.  Then I have to pay a visit to the car wash to get the buggy cleaned up before I take it to the DMV.

I got the printer setup today, as well.  It took longer than I expected because I simply forgot how to ‘add a printer’.  Honest to Pete, I really forgot something so simple.  Thanks to Google I found the info and was able to download the latest drivers and install the printer.  Worked the first time. That’s a relief. No more worrying about inks or damp printouts. And the printer itself is less than half the size of the previous one and 2/3 the size of the Inkjet printer. 

All in all, a sort of productive day after all.

And so it goes.


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Unsettling Yellow Dust Settling

Managed to stay awake most of yesterday, but didn’t have the stamina to do any shopping.  No fear, I have plenty here, just no appetite for consuming it.

Even though I was in bed reading most of the day, I managed to make another “to-do” list for the upcoming week, as well as a short “must-do” list for today. 

It’s time for the car to be inspected again and that’s a long drive in my present condition, but I’ll see how I feel later. I hard-cooked a half-dozen eggs for future breakfasts and snacks, dragged the new printer (remember the new printer?) still in it’s original packing into the room to be set up - at some point - and there are bills to pay as well. 

I have  to take it easy because I get short of breath very quickly.  Have more energy today, not quite so groggy or off balance, welts and discoloration continue to disappear, albeit slowly. But it’s raining and windy, so I’m not thrilled about going out in this weather. 

Of course, it would probably be better if I went out in the rain rather than wait for another sunny day. The pollen, that ubiquitous yellow dust, is everywhere and I can feel the effects in my throat and sinuses. Even with the windows shut tight and the vent fan running, it seems to be everywhere.  So that’s something to consider, as well.

I haven’t been on the computer much in the last 2 weeks and I miss the daily reads of my fave bloggers, but maybe I can begin to catch up as the week progresses and (hopefully) I do, too. 

I hope I don’t experience a repeat of last weekend, but there’s just no guarantee it won’t happen again. I guess I should be grateful that - in the grand scale of things - this was a minor incident, easily remedied no matter how discomforting.

Onward and upward!

And so it goes.


Monday, May 5, 2014

A Weekend Lost to the Stars.

Almost literally. An allergic reaction to the transfusion on Friday sent me to the hospital on Saturday morning. I was kept overnight and as the symptoms receded on Sunday, they sent me home. 

Having been pumped full of Benadryl for 2 days all I wanted to do was sleep, anyway. Dehydration was also a problem, so they kept a saline solution IV going to replenish those “precious bodily fluids” while I slept.  I mean, I was really out of it. 

I was informed that the more frequent the transfusions the more likely (statistically) I will have some reaction or other to various nasties floating around in the new blood. My compromised immune system isn’t very helpful in this case. So, it’s all a matter of time, really.  Something more to look forward to, I suppose.

Slept all of saturday and most of sunday, before they sent me home.  It’s all kind of hazy now, but I got home and threw myself on top of the bed covers and went to sleep again.  Woke at around midnight, groggy and thirsty, so I had a Jello and a tall glass of water, took off my street clothes and climbed under the covers.  Slept fitfully for another 3 hours, so I guess I wasn’t quite over the Benadryl after all.

Feeling much better this morning, though still no  appetite to speak of. There are a couple of fruit & jello cups and a yogurt, or two left in the refrigerator, so I’ve got to get to the store as soon as I feel strong enough to move about on my own.  I’m not as shaky as I was and my head feels clearer, too. The welts  and skin discoloration are all but gone today, though I still itch a bit.

I may have a little soup to give me a boost so that maybe I can make the drive to the store for supplies. I don’t need much, at least nothing to prepare a full meal.  I’m not up to that at the moment. Just a few snack things to ingest when I really need something in my stomach. I’m afraid to find out how much more weight I’ve lost over these past 3 days.

I need to check the mailbox. After all the rainstorms we’ve had, I don’t know what condition any of the mail will be in, but at this point - since it’s likely to be mostly medical statements - I don’t care much.  There will be more of the same in a few days, no fear of that. 

If I can keep this act together I hope to have a chat with the sister to see how she is doing.  It’s been a week and she has been in her home since the middle of last week, I assume. If I’m not up to it I won’t call, the last thing she needs is more to worry about while she’s trying to heal herself. 

I hope she’s having better luck at it than I am.

More later. Maybe...


Saturday, May 3, 2014

TMI: WHAT'S IN A NAME? (Quoting Shakespeare)

1. Do you have a favorite flower?
Two, actually. The Carnation and the Peony.

2. Do you like your name (first)?
Love it.  Last name not so much. Growing up no one else I knew had my name, which can be a good or bad thing.

3. Does your name have a meaning?
The name Wayne is a baby boy name.
English Meaning:
The name Wayne is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Wayne is: Craftsman; wagon-wright; wagon driver. Famous Bearer: U.S. Actor John Wayne.
SoulUrge Number: 6
People with this name have a deep inner desire for a stable, loving family or community, and a need to work with others and to be appreciated.
Expression Number: 5
People with this name are excited by change, adventure, and excitement. They are dynamic, visionary and versatile, able to make constructive use of freedom. They fight being restricted by rules and conventions. They tend to be optimistic, energetic, intelligent, and to make friends easily. They may be changeable, restless, untidy, and rebellious.
4. Do you have (a) nickname?
My Russian, Ukrainian, and Eastern European friends at work call me Waynechik. An endearing nickname, indeed.

5. Would you ever consider changing your name?
Not the first name, but I've certainly considered changing the last, many many times. It’s not a family name I’m very proud of.

6. What name have you heard that you hate?
I don’t hate any name. I mean, as long as it isn’t mine and someone has to live with it, it’s all we really have on this planet that no one can take away from us. I also make every attempt to pronounce a person’s name properly and not Americanize it, if possible. It’s the respectful thing to do, is all.

7. What name have you heard that you love?
I’m prone to enjoy simple names and not those that are contractions of the original - like Bill for William, etc. Names like Wayne, Scott, Ian, Wendy, Sean, Sara, and the like. That way people can’t fuck around with it too much.

8. How did you pick the name(s) of your pets?
I can have no pets nowadays, but mine were usually named after some trait or habit they had that was endearing to me. It seemed the right way to go since as soon as I’d choose a name and use it to call them, they understood and came immediately.

9. Do you name inanimate objects? Name some of them.
Nope. I do have a stuffed Lion given to me by an AIDS buddy that he named “Leo” does that count?

10. Did you name your penis or breasts? Has anyone else?
NOPE! I dislike the common usage of words like “junk” to describe a man’s genitals. I do not have junk between my legs and if I did, I wouldn't be very proud of the fact.

In an episode of the Golden Girls, Dorothy had a night of sex that was sooooo good they named it. Tell me about night you had like that. 

Unfortunately, that has never happened to me.

And so it goes.

Spring Caturday

Finally!  No more rain and collapsing roadways. Yes!  Feels like spring.

More later.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Inconsiderate A$$-holes!

And I say that in the most Christian way possible.

Spent the morning being infused at the center. One unit today and the port-a-cath makes a world of difference. No pain at all. No more poking or prodding to find a good viable vein.  The stress, discomfort of the surgery and post surgical TLC was worth it in the end. 

I then dodged raindrops, braced against strong winds only to discover - at the very last shopping venue, mind you - that someone (with more money than brains) in their Cadillac SUV had hemmed my car into the parking spot. 

Seems they had to park on my left (closer to the door, dontcha know) although there were many other spots around my car.  He/‘she hemmed me in so that I couldn’t get into the driver’s side door. Their monstrosity was no more than 4 inches from my side mirror.  AND, they parked at an angle, which would make it even trickier to get out of the space once I got inside the car.

I finally managed to get inside by climbing over from the passenger seat - that alone did a number on my bad back. I felt like a reject from Cirque du Soleil. Fortunately, there were no packages on the front seats, so that made things less complicated. Once situated, it took 4 or 5 various maneuvers of the car to eventually get out of the spot without causing damage. Yes, it was that close.  But I did it.

I wrote a note and put it under the wiper of the jerk’s car.  Not that they’ll give a damn, but it made me feel better. I also took down the license plate number, JIC I see the prick again. 

Then I came home and designed and printed a bunch of these cards.  I remember something similar when I lived in NJ, they were mostly angry photocopied post-it notes, up until now, hadn’t the need of them here.  Times have changed.  I kind of like the idea of leaving them behind although a part of me would love to be around when the assholes get back and read the things.  How would they react?  I wonder.


Needless to say that the food stuffs ordered from the Amish store for Easter were never retrieved. Neither Deb nor I got a chance to get back there to pick up our orders. Her mother had surgery and I was in no condition to travel at that point, anyway. I called the store today and was told that I would still have to pay the balance owed on the rabbits (which were a special order) but the other items could be picked up at any time.  I still have my receipt and I hope Deb has her, too.  Who knows? 

With our lives in such chaos back then, if she had the presence of mind to stuff the receipts in her purse or, as I do, put them under a magnet on the refrigerator. 
I’ll ask her when she returns from PA this weekend with her parents in tow. Recovery at the beach is always the best medicine, and we all know that to be true. If so, we can take a ride to the store in the near future - before Memorial Day Madness - and get the other things we originally wanted for ourselves. I think we could both use the break and a festive little outing on the back roads of Delaware.

I’d love to take a long ride but afraid to do it alone in case something happened.  I’d not want to be the cause of an accident or do harm to anyone else on the road, if you get my drift.

And so it goes.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

What’s That in the Mirror?

Animal, Mineral, or Vegetable?  Maybe a mutation of all three.  Whatever it is, it’s ghastly. 

But it IS alive. Of that I am sure. It’s the first day of May and the first time I’ve looked into a mirror in 3 days. I mean, what’s the point? 

Trying to get coordinates for the day and so far I’ve only succeeded in spilling coffee on myself, burning the sourdough toast to a fare-thee-well, and tossing out a few not-so-fresh vegetables that never made it into recipes I did not make.

Checked my email to find out what (if anything) I should attend to, only to find a nice surprise waiting for me. A $100.00 Amazon Gift Card from a company I’ve been doing surveys for since 2006. Who knew they offered such rewards? I never noticed these things before.  

Seems whenever one completes a survey 500 points are added to that account. I usually get 1 survey weekly, or 3 monthly, depending on what’s happening in the world. I just complete the surveys for fun to offer my opinions.  They want opinions, I got'em! But there it is. It will take a week or two to be delivered to my home address, but hey!, a surprise like that is well worth the wait. 

The wound is just about healed.  All the sani-strips have fallen off and the skin looks pretty healthy underneath.  The healing time has been longer than usual because of the Danazol, a steroid that inhibits all these good things the body wants to do.  (Sigh!) The itching is driving me crazy, so that’s a good sign.  I guess.

Just in time, too. I have Labs this morning to check the usual CBC as well as the reaction to the Chemo. Seriously, I’ve had no overt negative symptoms to the Chemo, which surprises me since I’ve had such violent reactions to other not-so-lethal drugs.  But, I’ll take that as good news if it’s doing anything positive to address and heal the disease.

I think a shower and a good face-scraping will make me feel a whole lot better, so that’s where I’m heading next. Maybe that will cheer me up and give a  positive spin to this otherwise dismal, gloomy, rainy day.

And so it goes.

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