Friday, May 9, 2014

As Luck Would Have it...

Wouldn’t you know that as I dressed for my Labs appointment at the cancer center this morning - it began to rain…heavily. Of course, I didn’t want to drive on the highway with only one good wiper blade, so I quickly finished dressing, grabbed a roll of paper towels and ran to the car.

The idea was to find a sheltered, or semi-sheltered overhang where I could replace the old blades without drowning in the process. I drove around town trying to remember the car parks of the major hotels and which were protected from the weather, or at least from rain. Funny how those obvious things never stick in memory. Finally found one that was easily accessible (others had to be activated by hotel keys) which is a stupid idea, but I guess it works for them.

It was just after dawn so no one was around to shoo me away. After unwrapping the new wiper blades I ducked out and dried the windshield and old wipers as well as I could to get a good grip. The old ones came off without a hitch.  The new ones however, the Michelin’s were the newer “universal” type that fit many make and model cars.

It took a good 15 minutes to figure out which of the adapters were appropriate for the Corolla, but I got them on, finally. Hands filthy and black from the rubber, fingers cramping from the cold and necessary manipulation of the blades, I made my way to the cancer center where I just had time to use the restroom to scrub my hands and clean my fingernails before being called for the lab work. 

It is a relief to know that’s one less thing to worry about this weekend. On the way back into town to wait for a call to return for a single unit transfusion, I stopped at the the Municipal Building to pick up my 2014 Resident Parking Permit. They’re issued by the city annually so residents can park on the streets free of charge.  A nice little gift. Of course, they’re only valid in the non-metered parking spaces around town.

Got the call from the Revlimid company and told that my new monthly prescription will arrive tomorrow, Friday.  That means, class, I must be here to sign which translates to another day lost, since "next day" delivery service means just that: no specific time for delivery - could be 8 am or 8 pm.  Stuck!

Just received the call from the center at 2:20 that the blood will be delivered there in a half hour.  This means another late day transfusion session at the center, probably won’t get back until 6 or so.  Bother!  

And, I'm Off!  Again...

And so it goes.


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