Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Out and About, Again.

Having a few errands to run today I thought I’d get them out of the way early (as usual) and enjoy what will likely be the last nice, seasonal day before the holiday weekend. Rain is due tonight through Friday. The car needed to be fueled up, there were items to go to the recycle center and a few things to look for at Staples.

While I was out anyway, I decided to have breakfast at the other restaurant owned by the Locosguys, in Lewes, called JD’s Cafe. It would give me a chance to see co-workers I didn’t see last week at Dos Locos and catch up on their lives. 

Shortly after I arrived, I was sipping coffee when the Locosguys walked through the doors. They joined me and we commiserated as we enjoyed breakfast together. It was sad to note that a few folks who worked with us last year were unable to return because their governments feared they would defect. Most were in their last year of school, which seems to be the prime time for students to make a quick getaway.

So, at the last minute, the restaurant is short handed and the holiday is upon us. I told them I would help in any way I could, though they wouldn’t be allowed to pay me because I’m not suppose to work. But Hell, I would love to spend a few hours, a couple of days around people again.  Even for free!

We talked a little about their upcoming trip to NOLA and they seemed very excited. I like that. Since we made all the reservations last week they’ve talked with friends who’ve been to NOLA and they confirmed my suggestions as some of the best.  That seemed to suit the guys just fine.

As I made the stop at Staples (which is across the highway from the Multiplex) I had a sudden itch to take in a movie - on the big screen - for the first time in years.

So, being a Tuesday before Memorial Day weekend, and being the town is pretty much deserted, I thought I might take in a movie at the Multiplex early in the afternoon.  (Don’t faint, or anything. I’m desperate.)  So, I checked out the viewing choices on line and was left scratching my head - wondering what half these films are about and where they came from.

Yes, I guess I am out of the loop, movie-wise, because I recognized few titles and fewer “stars” performing in them. Four are summer blockbusters - which I have no desire to see. Especially not Spiderman or Captain America. Spandex makes me sneeze! 

And those four features are playing on 8 screens (4 in 2-D and 4 in 3-D) which leaves the other screens playing either kid-flicks or, as I said, films I’ve never heard of - except two: “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and the Disney documentary, “Bears”. No, not that  kind of bears.  The kind that hibernate  and shit in the woods.  Those bears. Not interested in that one.

There are times when I am not happy where I live - even with the Ocean so nearby. This was one of them. 

The only offering I’d like to see The Grand Budapest Hotel, though the reviews have been mixed, I’ve heard enough to be interested and would like to draw my own conclusions. However, there is no matinee; first showing is 4:40 pm.  So, the movie idea was out of the question. 

So what did I do instead you ask?  Well, I took a walk on the boardwalk, sat in the sun and listened to the ocean as little ones carrying bags of french fries dodged the seagulls dive bombing them to get at the tasty treats.  

Drove home and feeling inspired, I made a spinach and bacon quiche, that’s what I did. Of course I’ll be eating the thing for a few days, but I’ve suddenly got an appetite and I’ll feed it while it’s here. 

And so it goes.



  1. such good news from da beach! happy to see you out and about!

  2. Yay! It sounds like you are feeling better these days. I like your picture, it's always good to see the ocean. I wanted to see The Grand Budapest Hotel, but missed when it was at the theatre near me.

  3. I thought the Hotel movie whimsical and charming : I vote you see it, and have fun.

  4. It's good to read you sounding like your witty, old happy self. Hope this means good news for the summer and beyond.


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