Monday, May 5, 2014

A Weekend Lost to the Stars.

Almost literally. An allergic reaction to the transfusion on Friday sent me to the hospital on Saturday morning. I was kept overnight and as the symptoms receded on Sunday, they sent me home. 

Having been pumped full of Benadryl for 2 days all I wanted to do was sleep, anyway. Dehydration was also a problem, so they kept a saline solution IV going to replenish those “precious bodily fluids” while I slept.  I mean, I was really out of it. 

I was informed that the more frequent the transfusions the more likely (statistically) I will have some reaction or other to various nasties floating around in the new blood. My compromised immune system isn’t very helpful in this case. So, it’s all a matter of time, really.  Something more to look forward to, I suppose.

Slept all of saturday and most of sunday, before they sent me home.  It’s all kind of hazy now, but I got home and threw myself on top of the bed covers and went to sleep again.  Woke at around midnight, groggy and thirsty, so I had a Jello and a tall glass of water, took off my street clothes and climbed under the covers.  Slept fitfully for another 3 hours, so I guess I wasn’t quite over the Benadryl after all.

Feeling much better this morning, though still no  appetite to speak of. There are a couple of fruit & jello cups and a yogurt, or two left in the refrigerator, so I’ve got to get to the store as soon as I feel strong enough to move about on my own.  I’m not as shaky as I was and my head feels clearer, too. The welts  and skin discoloration are all but gone today, though I still itch a bit.

I may have a little soup to give me a boost so that maybe I can make the drive to the store for supplies. I don’t need much, at least nothing to prepare a full meal.  I’m not up to that at the moment. Just a few snack things to ingest when I really need something in my stomach. I’m afraid to find out how much more weight I’ve lost over these past 3 days.

I need to check the mailbox. After all the rainstorms we’ve had, I don’t know what condition any of the mail will be in, but at this point - since it’s likely to be mostly medical statements - I don’t care much.  There will be more of the same in a few days, no fear of that. 

If I can keep this act together I hope to have a chat with the sister to see how she is doing.  It’s been a week and she has been in her home since the middle of last week, I assume. If I’m not up to it I won’t call, the last thing she needs is more to worry about while she’s trying to heal herself. 

I hope she’s having better luck at it than I am.

More later. Maybe...


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