Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Congratulations, Oregon!

"Oregon recognizes a marriage of love with the same equal eye that it recognizes a marriage of convenience. It affords the same set of rights and privileges to Tristan and Isolde that it affords to a Hollywood celebrity waking up in Las Vegas with a blurry memory and a ringed finger. It does not, however, afford these very same rights to gay and lesbian couples who wish to marry within the confines of our geographic borders." - US District CourtJudge Michael McShane, in just one of many memorable lines in today's ruling that overturned Oregon's ban on same-sex marriage.
Here's to another round of exploding wing-nut heads. May there be many more to come.

h/t: JMG

More later.


  1. I understand NOM had deep sadz after this announcement yesterday. bwhahahahahaha! die a horrible death, NOM! bwhahahahahahahaha!

  2. Wohoo Oregon!

    New blog: http://lumosanimus.wordpress.com/


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