Friday, May 23, 2014

Inevitable Invasion and Random Thoughts

Bracing for the human tsunami about to hit our little beach town, especially after such a harsh winter.

If there was any doubt that this weekend is the kickoff to the summer of 2014, the traffic (even in the heavy downpours) clogging the major roadways is a quick reminder.  Some have even found our more convenient backroads and have invaded those, as well. Some are never satisfied!

The outlet centers are packed - there is even a line of cars waiting for parking spaces.  Honest to the Goddess, it’s true. Parking lots of markets and (of course) liquor stores are full, too.

They began arriving en masse yesterday as I made my way home from the Center where - after the blood work - I was told I didn’t need to be transfused this week.  Yay!  One week without a poke in the chest suits me just fine. 

As I left the center the traffic was already backed up on the major Ocean highway, as well as the arteries feeding into it from Virginia, Maryland & DC. The Ocean Highway is the more direct and major route for folks coming from New Jersey and Pennsylvania. I live less then 3 miles from the center and it took me a half hour to get back into town. 

There was no way I was going to fight the hordes for parking anywhere just to pick up a few things that were on sale that I need. I saved that for this morning at 6 am while the tourists were still snuggled in their beds, or passed out from a night of festive pre-holiday partying. Take your pick. It was smooth sailing.  I am home now for the duration, unless I have the energy to take a walk to Dos Locos (if the rain disappears) for a bit of lunch and a cocktail. We shall see.

I noticed this morning that my spathiphyllum (peace lily) plant is delivering 2
new blossoms to me this week.  It’s always a joy when that happens.  The plants seem to have a mind of their own and send out flowers whenever they damned well please.  Fine with me. I love when they choose to surprise me.

Every day this week my tarot card of the day has been from the minor arcana of Coins (Pentacles) and they are all cards that have shown up before, but in no particular order. The cards, so far, have all been of a positive nature, giving me lots of think about. Especially financials and talent-wise.

I read this morning that at least 2 states are so determined to kill death row inmates that, since the lethal injection drugs are banned now, they want to bring back the electric chair (yes, old sparky!) and even Firing Squads.  This is what a civilized society of the 21st century looks like, class. (shakes head in disbelief)

The neighbors (the pizza-loving, heavy smoking, partiers) have successfully killed off some beautiful hanging baskets of flowers they purchased for their porch.  Very festive, cheerful, and colorful - begonias, bleeding hearts, geraniums, and many others.  They didn't die from second-hand smoke, but for lack of water. You know, these folks are on their porch about every hour throughout the day puffing on cigarettes, you’d think they might notice a wilting flower pot and maybe bring out a pitcher of water once it a while….but no. Not on their selfish radar. It broke my heart to see the baskets in the trash. Idiots!

My fave online eyeglass company is having a 15% off sale this weekend, so I ordered another 2 pair - one bifocals and one computer distance. I’m forever annoyed that the computer glasses are always in the wrong room when I need them, so now I will have another pair. And one can never have too many pairs of bifocals. Especially at such prices.

With my new and improved appetite I’ve chosen to celebrate the holiday weekend with some barbecue ribs, and fresh white, silver queen corn on the cob from the local farmer’s market. Yes, it’s just me, but one of my fave summer foods happens to be fresh corn on the cob.  Reminds me of my childhood - crawfish, corn on the cob, crackers and ice cold beer. Yum.

No crawfish or crackers (dammit!), but I will enjoy the ribs and an ice cold beer.  So, there.

Have a safe weekend, y’all. Forget zombies, they’re no match for the crazies on the roads.

And so it goes.


  1. I can't believe all the good news (minus the tourist throngs and the flowers) I am reading here! no transfusions! beer! corn on the cob! glasses! it's the little things in life that mean the most.

    stay safe yourself, dear; be careful of the stoopid tourists. I am staying put at home, which suits me just fine. smooches!

  2. A repeating set of cards tell me to pay attention/I am not listening to something still needing attention.


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