Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Ready? Not so Fast.

I woke this morning feeling more energized than I have in weeks. Not wanting to push my luck, but I decided this was as good a time as any to take on my “must-do" list - that didn’t get done yesterday.  That extra day of rest seemed to do it for me.

Gathered myself together and  with list in hand went down to the bright yellow dusted car. A beautiful day with clear blue skies greeted me as I opened the front door. The air was fresh and clean after  all the rain, and it was chilly, at least for my bones. I took a few rags to clean off the car windows and windshield. It was an easy job, the dew was heavy and everything just slid right off onto the rags. I then got into the car and started the engine. The windshield was still a bit smudged so I turned on the wipers and spritzed the glass with wiper fluid.

Imagine my surprise when half of the wiper blade on the passenger side began to flop around.  Yes, the winter had done a number on the wipers, made them brittle and now they need to be replaced.  Funny thing, the first chore on the list was the Inspection Station, which, of course, was now out of the question. I hate when a monkey wrench is thrown into my well-laid plans for the most efficient use of the day.

So, instead of the DMV I spent more time than I should have hunting down the proper wiper blades for my car. The GOOD: it’s a very popular, reliable car so they are everywhere.  The BAD: since they are so common  it’s hard to find wiper blades in the most common of places. Even (I hate to admit this) Walmart didn’t have anything of a brand name. Why did I expect more?

Finally stopped at a tiny out-of-the-way Auto Parts shop as a last resort and wouldn’t you know, they had them.  Michelin brand, too.  They were a bit dusty but still in their packaging. The owner checked to make sure they were in good condition before selling them to me. I gladly paid him the $20.00 and was on my way.

Two more errands were scratched off the list before I began to fade and have trouble breathing. Instinctively knew I had better get back home soon. Now I have to see if I can change the blades myself, or need to have someone else do it. My hands don’t work as they used to.  Then I have to pay a visit to the car wash to get the buggy cleaned up before I take it to the DMV.

I got the printer setup today, as well.  It took longer than I expected because I simply forgot how to ‘add a printer’.  Honest to Pete, I really forgot something so simple.  Thanks to Google I found the info and was able to download the latest drivers and install the printer.  Worked the first time. That’s a relief. No more worrying about inks or damp printouts. And the printer itself is less than half the size of the previous one and 2/3 the size of the Inkjet printer. 

All in all, a sort of productive day after all.

And so it goes.


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  1. I am amazed you got so much done! I hear it's supposed to be a nice weekend; perhaps a few hours in the beach sun will do ya good!


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