Sunday, May 11, 2014

Tossin’ and Turnin’!

Just another sleepless night around these parts. I did fall asleep around 8 last night but was wide awake again by midnight. I stayed in the dark for a while hoping that sleep would return, but after an hour of that frustration, I turned on the lights and read until 4 am when I had to take my first drugs of the day. 

Scrambled up an egg and a slice of toast, followed it up with juice and a coffee Although I couldn’t eat it all, I felt better for the bit in my stomach.

Got a message from the Locosguys last evening asking that I give them some ideas for their upcoming long weekend trip to New Orleans. They want me to come by the restaurant today, and if I feel up to it I will take them up on their offer. I'd love the chance to see everyone and be out among the living for a change.

So, the dark, pre-dawn hours were spent collecting links to websites for restaurants that I know and love. I don’t know the guys' taste in foods, but I hope they are at least adventurous enough to try some very different dishes, or known dishes served up in unconventional ways.  Anyway, that’s up to them. I’m just preparing the list and will chat with them at length sometime today - I hope.

They’ve already made hotel reservations, using travel points, as they said, so I am not responsible for that part of the trip. I know little about the grand hotel they’ve booked, other than that it’s known locally as a hot, expensive tourist and conventioneer’s place.  Not something I would choose, but they ain’t me.  This is their first trip to the city, so they’ll have fun, I am sure.

All this has given me something to do to pass time otherwise spent reading. I’ve re-read all the Pern books I’d read years ago, plus I downloaded a few of the newer additions to the saga.  They’ve been a nice diversion and very quick reads. Sometimes too quick, if you get my drift. There are a few still that I haven’t read, so if this insomnia keeps hanging around, I might download one or two to remain occupied and pass the boring time.

I haven’t been on FB in over a month for obvious reasons, and I find that I don’t miss it. Turns out that it’s not what I thought it would be anymore - a far cry from anything remotely “social” at least to my mind. In any case, I doubt I’ll return after all this time. 

It's an absolutely glorious day here and since it's also Mother's Day, I hope I can find a parking spot near the restaurant.  If not, well...  It is what it is.

And so it goes.


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