Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Unsettling Yellow Dust Settling

Managed to stay awake most of yesterday, but didn’t have the stamina to do any shopping.  No fear, I have plenty here, just no appetite for consuming it.

Even though I was in bed reading most of the day, I managed to make another “to-do” list for the upcoming week, as well as a short “must-do” list for today. 

It’s time for the car to be inspected again and that’s a long drive in my present condition, but I’ll see how I feel later. I hard-cooked a half-dozen eggs for future breakfasts and snacks, dragged the new printer (remember the new printer?) still in it’s original packing into the room to be set up - at some point - and there are bills to pay as well. 

I have  to take it easy because I get short of breath very quickly.  Have more energy today, not quite so groggy or off balance, welts and discoloration continue to disappear, albeit slowly. But it’s raining and windy, so I’m not thrilled about going out in this weather. 

Of course, it would probably be better if I went out in the rain rather than wait for another sunny day. The pollen, that ubiquitous yellow dust, is everywhere and I can feel the effects in my throat and sinuses. Even with the windows shut tight and the vent fan running, it seems to be everywhere.  So that’s something to consider, as well.

I haven’t been on the computer much in the last 2 weeks and I miss the daily reads of my fave bloggers, but maybe I can begin to catch up as the week progresses and (hopefully) I do, too. 

I hope I don’t experience a repeat of last weekend, but there’s just no guarantee it won’t happen again. I guess I should be grateful that - in the grand scale of things - this was a minor incident, easily remedied no matter how discomforting.

Onward and upward!

And so it goes.



  1. the pollen is hideous; itchy eyes and sneezing for me.

  2. I like to have hard boiled eggs on hand; they are good sources of protein easy to eat; they never go out of fashion.


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