Thursday, May 1, 2014

What’s That in the Mirror?

Animal, Mineral, or Vegetable?  Maybe a mutation of all three.  Whatever it is, it’s ghastly. 

But it IS alive. Of that I am sure. It’s the first day of May and the first time I’ve looked into a mirror in 3 days. I mean, what’s the point? 

Trying to get coordinates for the day and so far I’ve only succeeded in spilling coffee on myself, burning the sourdough toast to a fare-thee-well, and tossing out a few not-so-fresh vegetables that never made it into recipes I did not make.

Checked my email to find out what (if anything) I should attend to, only to find a nice surprise waiting for me. A $100.00 Amazon Gift Card from a company I’ve been doing surveys for since 2006. Who knew they offered such rewards? I never noticed these things before.  

Seems whenever one completes a survey 500 points are added to that account. I usually get 1 survey weekly, or 3 monthly, depending on what’s happening in the world. I just complete the surveys for fun to offer my opinions.  They want opinions, I got'em! But there it is. It will take a week or two to be delivered to my home address, but hey!, a surprise like that is well worth the wait. 

The wound is just about healed.  All the sani-strips have fallen off and the skin looks pretty healthy underneath.  The healing time has been longer than usual because of the Danazol, a steroid that inhibits all these good things the body wants to do.  (Sigh!) The itching is driving me crazy, so that’s a good sign.  I guess.

Just in time, too. I have Labs this morning to check the usual CBC as well as the reaction to the Chemo. Seriously, I’ve had no overt negative symptoms to the Chemo, which surprises me since I’ve had such violent reactions to other not-so-lethal drugs.  But, I’ll take that as good news if it’s doing anything positive to address and heal the disease.

I think a shower and a good face-scraping will make me feel a whole lot better, so that’s where I’m heading next. Maybe that will cheer me up and give a  positive spin to this otherwise dismal, gloomy, rainy day.

And so it goes.


  1. Not so good, C. Hope you receive some positive 'strokes' soon. Sounds like they'd be welcome in ANY form.

  2. so whatcha gonna buy with your gift card?

  3. Next time you have a gloomy gray day, send it my way.


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