Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Can You Hear Me Now?

Why will spring not show its bright, cheerful face and hang around a while is what I want to know? The weather fluctuates from sunny and warm to cloudy/rainy and cold.  Not mild, cold. And the wind…the ever-present wind, no matter what the weather, can drive one to distraction.

Especially one like me who is easily distracted, and not just by bright and shiny objects, either. 

It was a blustery 60’ yesterday as I made my way around town running long overdue errands.  I tire out quickly, I notice (not a good sign) and had to return home before all were accomplished. Made a new list for today, which I thought was to be a similar day weather wise, and it’s anything but.

Today's temperature has dropped by 25’ and the rain has been beating on the skylights almost all night. Checked the forecast (for what that’s worth) to learn that it’s likely to remain rainy and windy (well, of course) throughout the day.

I will choose the most important of the remaining errands to get out of the way, then return home for the duration. The oncologist called in another new prescription to the pharmacy yesterday.  A topical, local anesthetic cream for the port-a-cath to be applied 1 hour before any procedure to ease any additional pain I might have while the wound continues to heal. Very thoughtful, indeed.

Healing is very slow, as I mentioned earlier, but it is constant. No more redness and the purple bruising from the surgery is all but gone. Only 2 of the original sani-strips remain about the wound and they ought to fall off with the next shower, I hope. My next Lab work is scheduled for Thursday morning, with a doctor consult on Friday also on the agenda. That means 2 more days of rest and healing, which ought to be enough time in anyone’s book.  But, see, I ain't just anyone. So, there!

To help clear my over-active (over-reactive?) mind I downloaded a few meditation tapes that run between 4 and 10 hours. I played one last night and it seemed to alleviate the endless memory loops going on in my skull, at least enough that I was able to get a fairly restful sleep.   

In my dreams however, I am still deaf!  Go fig.

And so it goes.

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