Friday, April 11, 2014

New Blood, New Rules, Old Habits

Well, that was interesting. 

First of all, I can tell we’re getting close to spring (and Easter) because traffic is already a mess on the coastal highway.  The outlet malls are crowded and there is a vast array of "The Stoopid" on the roads.

Yes, with the weather Gods/Goddesses smiling favorably on the beach this weekend, all manner of coo-coo, from the outrageous to the gray flannel suit type, has come to town. And to think, with this being Palm Sunday and next week being Easter, we have a whole week to learn how to deal with such ass-holery before getting a breather a few weeks before things get hot and heavy on Memorial Day weekend. 

On the drive to the center this morning I passed 2 accidents and one single car incident - car on its side up on the curb. Mind you, this was a 7:30 am!  On a Friday!  In April! Let that sink in a minute.  

Having been given a heads up from nurses that I was to receive a phone call from the special pharmacy this afternoon, I was ready with pad and pen in hand when the call came in. 

Man, talk about strict rules!!  Dey got’ em.

Turns out THEY will call me every 28 days with their survey and to answer any questions I may have from that given month.  I will then be transferred to a rep. from the drug company who will ask their own questions and I am sure, remind me of the sexual restrictions of the drug. 

I am set to receive delivery of the first 28 day supply on Tuesday. The drug is delivered overnight and must be signed for, so there goes my Tuesday.  Not that I have anything on my hot social calendar, but still, it’s another day shot - waiting.  Like many others anymore…

When the drug arrives, and before the first dose, I have to call a specified Nurse Practitioner who will then tell me when to begin taking the pills.  Oh well, always a new thing, so this is just another twist in my bizarre healthcare treatment.  

Speaking of which, the nurses at the center offered encouragement for the success of the new drug. They explained that the drug can cause birth defects, but it works well in people with my kind of blood disease.  I hope they’re right. From what I can understand, it has been effective in many cases.  

The town is packed with tourists this afternoon, so I won’t be parking in town here. I’ll mosey (love that word, don’t use it often enough) on up to the state park instead where few venture in the off season and I can sit on the breakwater in relative peace for a few minutes.  I’ll try the boards tomorrow morning before the weekenders get out of bed.  Ah, just like summer time!

Hey, you know…it’s a beach resort town, and it is what it is.  I just hope to get to enjoy part of the show.

And so it goes,


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  1. cheese louise, such rules! enjoy your weekend, dear cajun!


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