Friday, April 4, 2014

The Ugly Has Returned.

Not doing well - again - and have spent  the last 2 days in bed either asleep, reading, or fighting off nausea. The body has rebelled against one of the new meds by presenting plagues of acne, and nasty, painful boils. No appetite to speak of; no food sounds enticing or even interesting. No energy for its preparation, either. I eat what I can, when I can, and pray it stays down. 

It amazes me how quickly things can change - I mean, in a matter of a few hours - and life is miserable all over again. To top it off,  I knew there was trouble when I spiked a fever of 100.1 this morning. Slammed right into that big wall of WTF!  Really.

This turn of events is a far cry from only a few days ago. I felt like taking on the world. Now I can barely put on my own socks and shoes without resting between each process. It’s like there’s not enough oxygen in the room.

There's a doctor's appointment this morning before transfusion where I will learn the next course of action he has planned. I think it may be a chemo.  We’ll see.

Reading has taken my mind off what I’m dealing with, for the most part. Since I spend most time in bed, I’ve not read, or kept up with my favorite bloggers.  I hope that will change after today’s transfusion. 

Though I am scheduled for one unit, something tells me that 2 are in my future once they do a new blood workup. We’ll see.  I also want the nausea issue to be addressed, because that’s really the worst lately. Tea with ginger and lemon help, but not for long and only if I lie down immediately.

I find dry heaves painful and exceedingly unattractive. 

We’ll be back after these messages…

And o it goes.



  1. positive vibes sent your way Sir .......

  2. These truly horrible phases will keep coming back for more, won't they? Thinking of you - with much sympathy and good wishes.

  3. stop the roller coaster! I hear this from my own patience. Sometimes i think my job is mostly trying to get patients to hang on. I hope you do.


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