Saturday, April 12, 2014

No Stopping Me - On This Beautiful Day

It is a beautiful day. Clear sky with temps in the mid-seventies.
Nothing stopped me today. Well, except me.

Took a spin to North Shores for a brief visit with the Atlantic. Came home and rested.

Removed the old bed linens - and rested.

Replaced with fresh bed linens - and rested.

Scrubbed the tub/shower - and rested.

Hosed it down, rinsed it thoroughly - and rested. 

There is still energy there, but I am not pushing my luck. 

Shower followed by a light something for supper and lights out for me.

Hope life looks this good tomorrow. We shall see…

And so it goes.



  1. Appreciating each enjoyable moment for as long as it lasts, then looking forward to the next one, then the next.............Such is life - rather like using a set of rosary beads, while trying to minimise the angst.


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