Monday, April 14, 2014

How Civilized.

Amsterdam looks better to me every day. Here, they just stuff the body is a trash bag and throw it in the nearest dumpster. 

Ah, happy thoughts of death and dying in America. Sorry, I don’t have any of those. 


  1. Oh, I'm not so keen on the Amsterdam method. I don't expect anyone to attend my funeral - I've no friends or even acquaintances 'in the flesh', plus my surviving siblings all live too far away and they already know my wish that they needn't trouble to attend. I'd much rather not have a funeral at all. Just a 'disposal', please. And certainly no self-aspiring 'poet' proferring any eulogy! Your American 'method' has more appeal.

  2. In Angels of America I recall a line where Roy C. says America has no use of the sick; it is a lousy country in which to be ill.


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