Saturday, April 26, 2014

TMI – Snack Time

1. Do you prefer salty or sweet?
Salty is better than too sweet. Dark chocolate  is the best.

2. What was your favorite snack as a kid?
Fresh popped Pop Corn (no microwaves back then) and sour pickles.

3. What is your favorite snack now?
cheese and crackers & sour pickles

4. Healthy snacks are….?
The best and easiest to enjoy.

5. Milk and what kind of cookies? Do you dunk?
I don’t do cookies and milk. Never have. Ruins the individual flavors of each.

6. How do you eat Oreos?
I don’t eat Oreos. Only enjoy them when whipped into ice cream recipe.

7. What is your favorite movie snack?
Fresh popped Pop Corn

8. Cake or pie?
Both, but in small amounts. Dark Chocolate cake and fruit pies are the best. With a tea or coffee, the best.

9. Ready Whip or Cool Whip?
Cool whip smells like a petrol product, and ready whip is all air.  I prefer the work to make a good, proper whipped cream.

10. Potato Chips or Pretzels or Cheetos?
Oven baked chips and Sourdough Pretzels.

11. Favorite kind of ice-cream – flavor and brand?
Chocolate and any combination of chocolate mixed with nuts, fruit, etc., as in Moose Tracks or Rocky Road.  Double Chocolate with Walnuts and Brownies is always a  luxury.

12. Most unusual food you eat as a snack?
Fried Grits.

And so it goes.


  1. I love sour pickles, which goes back to my paper route days as a teenager. There was a hot dog stand located where I picked up my papers every afternoon. They sold these giant sour pickles out of a jar for 15 cents. Every day I bought one and slowly sucked on it and ate it as I delivered my papers.

    At my local Harris-Teeter, they sell large whole Boar's Head sour pickles out of a jar in the deli section for 99 cents each. I usually buy 6 each week, and enjoy one in the evening before bed time. A couple years ago they sold Dietz and Watson large sour pickles out of a "barrel" which I preferred over the Boar's Head.

    What kind of sour pickles do you prefer?

    Speaking of chips, I now buy the Seneca apple chips in all the different flavors. The Granny Smith and cinnamon ones are my favorites.

    1. With my impaired immune problem I don't trust anything in open containers, especially barrels in busy supermarkets. I get the pickles in a plastic package from my local butcher. Not a name brand but they sure make a good pucker! Mt. Olive used to make them, perhaps they still do, but they're not sold here anymore.

  2. Way to go! Real whipped cream. Never buy cool whip or ready whip. Very little work to whip up the real stuff. Now I am thinking how wonderful it would be to beat some up as a topping for Mighty Fine Pudding(Thanks Sean for whipping up a sweet memory from the past)

  3. I enjoyed your list, but where are the olives?


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