Thursday, April 10, 2014

Let’s Put On a Show!

I just returned home from half a day at the Cancer Center (more on that in a later post) overhearing various rather scandalous conversations boldly spoken aloud by people I don’t even know.  Well, I don’t know them personally, except they’re usually getting Chemo or transfused on the same days I am.

It was only when one of the nurses got into the conversation I realized something was amiss, here. Turns out they were discussing some reality show or other and didn’t know the people they were talking about, either.  So, there!

Honest to Pete, people.  Isn’t your own life bizarre, boring, exciting, intriguing, mundane - well, you know, fill in the blank - already?  

How about this…Since they are all really  “pretend” anyway, why not pretend your life is your very own reality show?  No, really!  Think about it. If you have to set the mood, or make it worthwhile, set up one or two cameras (dummy or real) around your space (where ever that may be) so that you can occasionally break through the 4th wall, glance at one, roll your eyes, and/or otherwise show your emotions to any episode of your life. Right here. Right now!

If you set up real cameras you can record the show and play it back a few years from now when you know how it all worked out. Relive the drama as it happened, the stupefyingly dumb-ass, or brilliant decisions that helped you along your path; the best part is that you already know the ending…

No waiting for “seasons” to be released on DVD or Blu-Ray. You might even rent the "show" out to your friends, as well.  See, it’s a money-making and money-saving device, too.

From the YouTube clips that have made their way to me from sources who thought I'd give a shit - I don't, you couldn’t be anymore tacky, vulgar, or vile than many of the things on the tube.

Just my 2 cents, FWIW.  No need to thank me now. 

And so it goes.


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