Monday, April 7, 2014

Side Effects, Stupidity, and Sarcasm

Suffered severe side effects with the Augmentin on the third dose. Knew immediately it was the culprit. Informed the doctor’s office who called Walmart Pharmacy. Couldn’t figure out their reasoning, until they told me that Rite-Aid wouldn’t have the drug  until Monday or Tuesday.  Wow! That’s some reliable pharmacy, don’t you think?

Crawled out of bed, dressed, and made the drive to that dreaded retailer keeping the mask on - the place is always crawling with kids and other filthy things - and got in line for pickup. As I got to the window, the obese cherub (body of a mastodon - face of an angel) behind the counter glanced at the hospital bracelet, then to the mask and asked - “Are you sick, or somethin'?”

There was a sudden hush on the line. I was still queasy and weak, having puked my guts up all night and I just stared at her for a minute hoping to get some hint that she was making a funny of sorts.  She wasn’t. When her gum popped in my face I found my anger bubbling, and said quietly and darkly as possibly, “no, it’s my kinky habit to wear an isolation mask, stagger into pharmacies and taunt stupid people like you.” 

She wasn’t too happy with that and unfortunately replied,  “well, I was only asking.” At that, the older gentleman behind me suggested quite loudly that she would be of better use in the toy department. An associate (who had heard the whole thing) came up and swiftly took over her station, sending her far, far away. 

The gentleman behind me said something about how much he hated having to use this pharmacy. The new associate sniffed, “well, why DO you, then.” Without missing a beat, the gentleman spat out, “because I think that woman’s twin works in my doctor’s office and called the prescription in here by mistake.”  That got a chuckle from others in line, making me wonder just how many were there for the same or similar reasons and not because they wanted to be there. 

Finally, with new drug in my hot little hands, I got back to the car and drove home as fast as possible. A cold sweat hit me as I got in, so I fell into the bed and covered up.  Woke up a half hour later feeling that vile nausea again. 

Waited to take the new med at the same time as others (I’ve already got three kitchen timers going!), brushed teeth and went back to bed. No appetite, so no food. I managed to get an Ensure to stay down; ; that was all I could handle.

Woke up when the alarm went off to take the Danazol at noon.  Made it to the kitchen, downed the med with a 10 oz. glass of water and crawled back into bed. Drifted in and out of uneasy sleep. 

Woke at the sound of the alarm again at 8 pm, took the Danazol and had another Ensure.  Back to bed again sleeping fitfully until this morning at 3 am. 

Started this day with a small bowl of cereal followed by Danazol (and the other dailies) at 4 am. Took note that there were no new side effects from the replacement drug - thanks to the green Goddess.

Currently doing everything in my power to stay out of bed.  A hot shower and shave top my gay agenda today. I feel dirty - probably because I exposed myself to Walmart - and I think a change of bed linens are in order, too.  For that, I need to store up some real energy.  That chore alone could take a half hour to an hour to accomplish and leave me spent.

Ain’t life grand, huh?

Day's Tarot card insists that I am up to meeting anything that comes my way today.  May it be so.

And so it goes.


  1. Oh cripes! Never a 'dull' moment, though you must be longing for one.

  2. gah, how rude! wallyworld blows goats. I NEVER go there.

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