Thursday, January 29, 2015

Miles and Miles of Heart

Six weeks later, still in hospital, but the anti-fungal has destroyed the heart fungal infection after 6
weeks of treatment. I've been told that most hearts would have just given up and out, but for some reason, I'm still here.

A number of folks I have known in the past have died over the holidays and yet, here I am.

Just began to feel better and now I've got the flu.  Can't seem to win any which way.

The plan is to go into rehab for a few weeks after this flu takes its leave of my poor old wasted body.  We shall see.

Stay tuned.  It's been an amazing ride and it ain't over yet.



  1. hello darling! your voice is missed. you are loved. you are hugged in thoughts and words.

  2. Positive Vibes and Thoughts My Friend! �� �� ��

  3. Dear C., so good to read from you in person again. With help and best wishes we are banking on you to pull through this horrible turmoil you're experiencing - and we're all willing you on to regain a good measure of independence once more, and quickly. Loads of love and encouragement to you.

  4. So good to see a new posting on your blog. Anne Marie said it best "you are missed, you are loved and you are hugged in thoughts and words."

  5. It's so good to see this post from you. Just like Raybeard and many others I am sending you loads of love and encouragement.


  6. Dear Cajun, it's so good to hear from you. Missed your blog! You are in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you are feeling stronger each day.

  7. I stop by regularly; I too am delighted to hear from you.

  8. It doe snot surprise me one bit that your heart is impressively and uniquely strong. What a treat to hear from you (although understandable that you've been silent.) *hugs*


  9. So good to see your post! Big furry Fearsome hug to you. Keep your sense of humor as I am sure you do.

  10. I also agree with Anne Marie's sentiments. Keep us posted on your recovery.

  11. I'm glad you jumped over this hurdle again. Haven't written to you in a long time even when I follow the posts. Anne Marie said it so well, missed but not out of our hearts and thoughts.


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