Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year Update

First, thank you to Calvin for spending some time with me on New Year’s Day. It was a very pleasant time and a joy to meet him in person. Hope we meet again under happier circumstances this year.
Fevers are fewer these days.
Meds are fewer now, too. Mostly IV stuff.
When released, will need to be infused daily with anti-biotic and anti-fungal med.
PT continues to help with the walking and stairs.
No need for oxygen right now.
Eating to gain weight - not much success, so far.

Found more PERN books to hold me over and keep me relatively sane. Since I’m awake at all hours, I keep the Nexus 7 charged at all times.

May be out of here before the weekend, but don’t know where yet. Linda returns from Holiday in Ireland this weekend, so I’ve that to look forward to. 

It’s been suggested that I find a tasteful walking stick (not a walker, please!) to help my balance when I’m out and about.  Something to go with my style, you know - - vertical.

Will ask Jeffrey to scope out retailers to see what they’ve got to offer. I don’t want one of those cheap, aluminum medical devices.  Something with a little class that I’d be proud to be seen with in public.

Have met two very nice hospital employees recently. Both Latino and both anxious to talk about being gay in Rehoboth. Very sweet guys. Keep me occupied for an hour or so, which is damned nice of them. One is a CNA and the other works in Maintenance. They say they’ve been praying for me since I arrived last month. Little surprised by those remarks, but I’ll take it.

People never cease to amaze me.
Still amazed.


  1. This is the nicest news we've had for you for some time, C., though of course we all know how far short it is from where you'd like to be. We send our profound gratitude to those selfless souls who are helping you to keep things together both physically and mentally. I'd like to participate in your amazement at their generous efforts. May this upswing for you continue over forthcoming postings. (More hugs!)

  2. Good news. I was going to offer you my cane (which I no longer use) but, alias, it is one of those antiseptic aluminum devices. Not your stye at all. (smile)

  3. OH YAYZ! I am in need of good news today, and you have come through! so many, many people are sending positive thoughts your way I cannot count them all. {{{{{hugs}}}}} x a million billion trillion!

  4. Good News ..... A sturdy piece of driftwood makes an excellent cane.

  5. This post is very uplifting to read. It is great to hear you're doing so much better. It was a pleasure to meet and talk with you Wayne (thank you for putting up with me). We'll have to meet sometime again for sure. Please keep up the good work and continue to feel better each day. Like Anne Marie and many others I'm sending you positive thoughts as well.

    Take care,

  6. Most promising news.

    I'd suggest a hiking staff - you know, something sporty to go with your kilt, but am slightly concerned that you might use the extra length to poke or thwap someone :-)

    Very thankful for your progress. Amazin' Cajun does it again!

  7. I'm still thinking of you.


  8. Maria Montez as Corba Woman and I send love and prayers for peace and health to you. Geef me that cobra jool! It is rightfully mine! We chaveh espoken! Tits up and sally forth, gorgeous ! Please to have a Doris Day. all my love, dasch


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