Saturday, April 5, 2008

And, Yet Another One Bites the Dust

And of course, is identified by Fox Noise as a Democrat (as the did in the Foley and Allen cases) even though they are all Republicans. Yes, you know, those "family Values" people.

Details Remain Scarce in Barclay Investigation:
With questions buzzing and investigators working, Cumberland County's two remaining commissioners quietly accepted the resignation today of colleague Bruce Barclay, who is the focus of a rape investigation. No criminal charges have been filed against Barclay, 48, of Monroe Twp., who quit Wednesday after it surfaced that state police are investigating a man's rape allegation against him.

Details on the investigation are sparse because county Judge Kevin A. Hess sealed an affidavit listing allegations police relied on to secure a warrant to search Barclay's Brindle Road home Monday. District Attorney David Freed said the sealing of search warrants is neither routine nor rare. No special steps were taken in the investigation because Barclay is a public official, he said.

Read the rest HERE.
And so the hypocrites go.

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