Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Obama Ads: View and Vote.

A message from was in my inbox this afternoon. I was asked to rate and vote on new Obama ads to be voted on this weekend.
Dear MoveOn member,

You've done it again. We asked for positive, persuasive Obama ads, and MoveOn members across the nation responded—sending in more than 1,000 creative and amazing videos.

Now, help pick a winner: watch some of these ads today, and tell us which ones you think are most powerful. The finalists will be seen by a panel of top film professionals, artists, and netroots heroes—and the winning ad will be aired on national TV.

One warning: this may be addictive. Some ads may make you laugh, some may make you cry, and we can pretty much guarantee that you won't be able to watch just one. So, that being said...

Can you start voting in MoveOn's Obama in 30 Seconds contest today? Just click here to begin:

The 10 highest ranked ads will go to the finals, and 5 more will get to the finals by being the most viewed on our site before voting closes on Sunday night.

That means if you like a video, you can do two things: Give it a good ranking and pass it on! We've included links to make it super easy for you to send a video to friends, share it on Facebook, put it on a website, or blog about it.
Go, watch as many as you like and do what you know must be done.

UPDATE: I removed the video. So on over to the linked site and view and vote for your favourites.

And so it goes.

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