Saturday, November 17, 2012

Barack Obama and McKayla Maroney: not impressed

Absolutely Priceless.  I love this.
From the Guardian:
President imitates gymnast's much-mimicked 'not impressed' look during US Olympic team's visit to the White House.
A comment on the progress of vital fiscal cliff talks in Washington? His verdict of Donald Trump's latest Twitter rant against him? A reaction to Mitt Romney's accusations that he won the presidential election by handing out gifts to minorities and the young?
Whatever the reason, Barack Obama clearly isn't impressed if the latest photo handout from the White House is to be taken at face value.
Captured when the 2012 US Olympics gymnastic team stopped by at the White House earlier this week, Obama took time out to recreate one of the enduring images of the Games – McKayla Maroney's impression of someone sucking a lemon while simultaneously chewing a wasp after she missed out on gold in the vault.
The "not-impressed" look has been much mimicked since, but Obama's mug-pulling in the White House – accompanied by Maroney – has given the meme new life.
I love the playfulness of this picture and the humor behind the shot. I love my president.  He is far from perfect, but he's on the right track.  Keep it goin' Mr. President.

And so it goes.


  1. President Obama is human, unlike his former opponent for the presidency the humorless robot Williard "Mitt" Romney.

  2. We don't allow our politicians to joke or be flippant; alas what a mistake.


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