Thursday, February 14, 2013

A New Twist... my Martini, Arthritis.

I spent both days off hovering near the bed and bathtub. Applying hot and cold compresses to various areas of the spine, taking hot Epsom Salts baths, and pretty much lying low.

No lifting, bending, squatting, reaching, etc.  No items on the to-do list were accomplished and there was little appetite to speak of.  Chewed Flexeril like candy (not really) and still the pain persisted.  Have had little sleep, which found me groggy this morning at work.

Then, about halfway through my opening procedures, my hands cramped and  seized up on me.  My thumbs made their way to the center of each palm  and were immobile.  I spent some time trying to spread hands out on the cool marble counter, but relief was momentary.  Took 2 flexeril and an aspirin and soaked the hands in hot water for a few minutes. The spasms continued under water for a while, but then subsided - I guess the flexeril kicked in by then.

My co-workers freaked out more than I (if that's possible) and were horrified by the bizarre look of my hands; frozen in place.  It was my job to calm them down.  Crazy, I know.

The doctor is on holiday; I was told to continue doing what I have been doing (without much success, btw); and I have appointment with him on the 26th. 

Meanwhile I am doing as little cooking as I can get away with.  Fortunately there are frozen containers from past cooking and I can live on those for a few days until this situation works itself out.

I am now going to immerse my face in a glass of Gin and olives before firing up the microwave.  Cheers.

And so it goes.


  1. HOLY FSM! get thee to an MD stat! you are too young for dis shit!

  2. I was thinking about you. Sorry to hear that your pains are continuing. Not to depress you but as we age this situation doesn't get much better. Today my cold returned and thus I spent most of the day in bed. Oh youth, where have you fled? (or something like that).

    Hope you're well soon and back up to snuff. Don't forget, March 23rd, 6 to 8 the Spo-tacular. So far about 20 attendees, including you.


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