Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Another Medical Adventure

 Had a visit and checkup at the PCP's office this morning.  Due to the cold, the Raynaud's was very pronounced and ugly when I arrived. For some reason that became the primary focus of the visit.  It took a while to move the conversation back to the hands and spinal pain, but I got there gradually.

From his Medical book of Psalms, the doctor read "aloud" everything I already knew about Raynaud's then set about rearranging my meds.  Back when I was diagnosed, 40 years ago,  there were no treatments available. Today is different - maybe. New prescriptions ordered, but no pain meds for the back. New meds to help control  both Arthritis and Raynaud's syndrome. Arthritis is bad enough to deal with and this new regime (I hope) will help both. The cold, damp weather and the Raynaud's only adds misery to misery. I am to see him in a month to check that all is going according to plan. G*d Help Me!

Referral to Orthopedic specialist for the back situation was the last item addressed and I have an appt. with a specialist in 2 weeks for an evaluation and new x-rays; the last pictures are from 11/2008 when the accident occurred.

I am now in pretty much constant pain. Sleep is difficult, finding a comfortable position is a challenge. Lost 3 more pounds since last visit.  I know I am eating less.  There is no appetite when the pain is ever present.

All other vitals are normal.  Even BP was only slightly elevated, probably due to the stress and pain.

It's rainy, windy and cold today and I can't seem to get warm, even in layers. Cabbage & sausage soup will be supper tonight and that ought to take the chill out of my bones.

There is only one brief errand to run in the morning, then laundry will take up a few hours. After that, it's back to bed and my Kindle.

On the bright side, the taxes have been filed and I will receive refunds - Federal and State - this year. Unheard-of in years past. Maybe I will plan a getaway before the season begins.

And so it goes.


  1. well bust mah balloon! hope the MDs will be able to help you; get well soon!

    and I hears ya about this weather; I think the spring allergy season has begun a few weeks early.

  2. Not much worse than not being able to get a comfortable, pain free night's sleep. Maybe with the spring weather just around the corner, the sun and mild temperatures will bring you back to normal.

  3. I was diagnosed with "mild Raynaud's" last year. Sometimes, my finger tips get ice cold and go numb and turn a bit whitish. I'd never heard of it before and didn't realize how bad it could be. I shall have to research it more. I hope you are much better by now.


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