Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Forty Days: I Will Be In New Orleans

Beignets,  Po-Boys, Oysters Bienville, Friends, Étouffée, Oysters Rockefeller, The sister, Escargot, Sazerac Cocktail, and a Pimm's Cup at the Napoleon House for old times sake.

To make a point about the ever-changing, yet never-changing city of my birth I offer these two images:

Milk-cart on Esplanade Ave. 1903

Same Milk-cart image superimposed  into a recent shot of the same scene.

These images were just sent to me and I must say they (and all the others) made me feel much better and lifted my spirits.  Something to look forward to, indeed.

More later.


  1. have a beignet (or 5) for me S.V.P!

    that pix is fascinating; the houses are still there.

  2. Wow. Fascinating. I love these kinds of comparative photos from different time frames.

  3. @anne marie: there are many such houses throughout the city that were family mansions, some still boast the carriage house, even slave quarter.

    @Ron: You might want to visit a guy named "SHORPY" who has thousands of old pics and the info and history of each.

    @Ur-spo: You have no right to be jealous. You and someone have your annual trips hither and thither, and you know you could make a detour anytime you wished. Hell, I'd even join you...

    Thanks for the visits.


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