Friday, September 28, 2012

Doctor, Drug, & the Dubious SSA

It's been a slow week at work, so we're gearing up for this weekend - NASCAR is in Dover, DE - and too many find their way to Rehoboth.  Most are a strange lot, but a few are really nice, intelligent folks and enjoy the beach.

This week's Doctor's appt. went well. BP and cholesterol are down (a very good thing) and when I complained about the increased pain in hands and back, he suggested we try a new medication. The Meloxicam was not doing a good job and managing the pain has been rough.

The doctor ordered x-rays of the hands and wrists which I had done that day, (he already has the most recent spinal pics) then called to tell me he was going to prescribe a combo drug, anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant in one, Flexeril (sp?) he faxed the scrip to the pharmacy. He verified the increased inflammation in both hands, the presence of the Rheumatoid swelling of the finger joints and thought this was the best way to proceed, considering my history with narcotics and all. I can't take anything that will impede my attention and activity at work, so we'll see if this is an improvement and I get a little more rest sans pain. I picked it up today.  Tonight will be the first dose. We shall see. I have a follow-up appt. in a month to check for improvement and/or side effects.

Received a letter from the SSA (Social Security Administration - if one can call it that) informing me that I will become eligible for "partial" benefits next month.  Having been told in July that I made more than the allowable yearly gross income 'before' my birthday this year, I didn't expect anything and still don't. Of course, WHEN and HOW MUCH I will receive isn't mentioned.

I won't be holding my breath.  After 16 months of mixed messages and threats, I won't believe any of this until a check is actually deposited in my account. And even then, I'm not sure I'd use the money for a few months. Colour me skeptical!

And so it goes.


  1. Flexaril is a favorite of patients; I often hear it is helpful. I hope it is so for you.

  2. How you manage to stand on your feet for eights hours at your job boggles my mind. Well, a lot "boggles" my mind as you know. SS does punish seniors for making money. I have my own horror story when I began collecting while working (part-time) at the same time. I hope this issue is resolved for you soon. One good thing about SS is once it starts it is dependable. It is the one government program that works well. Let's hope Romney/Ryan don't get in their and privatize SS. Then we really will have a problem


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