Monday, September 3, 2012

Wheeeeeeeeeeeee, It's Over!

An early lunch crowd dwindled to almost nothing as a few showers blew in and the remaining tourists decided to hit the road for home, earlier than expected. 

Joined a couple of co-workers after my shift, at another venue for the postmortem happy hour and the place was jumping with locals in a celebratory mood.  More glasses 'clinked' toasting something-r-other, than at a royal wedding.

Stories were told, as we shared experiences and analyzed the Summer that was 2012. A few have kept journals of summers past and others started them this year. I just share the most bizarre and outrageous stories here.  That's enough for me, thank you very much.

Tomorrow is a badly needed day off and (thankfully) there is little on my gay agenda for the day. Rain is in the forecast, so all bets are off.  Farmers market, but other than that, no plans.  Heaven!

And so it goes.

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