Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Twain, Cher, Izzard, & Elysium

Now, how's that for an itinerary? Forget the metaphors, there ain't any.

Woke at normal time (at least for me) yesterday, and chose to stay in bed and read. Seemed to be a gray day, anyway.  Finished another Kindle book of essays by Mark Twain, which was a shame because his tongue-in-cheek humor makes my day. I tend to milk these books just for the daily chuckle, but there was no way this time. It was the last entry. Bother!

After a coffee and breakfast, did my best imitation of a slug most of the day.  Had no desire to venture outdoors.  The weather wasn't cooperative, by mid-day offering only high winds and rain storms lasting through the night.

In the afternoon I streamed two concerts; Cher's "Farewell" Tour (I don't know which one) and Eddie Izzard's "Dressed to Kill" then dealt with visual overload while prepping supper. It's been a while since I've watched anything on the tee-vee.

With a Shrimp Remoulade on the dinner menu, cocktail hour began with a Sazerac as the cooked shrimp chilled. Decided to make it an international event by enjoying fresh, warm, garlic Naan instead of warm baguette. Turned out to be an excellent idea. (One can never have too much garlic.) All washed down with 2 glasses of wine. Feeling warm and cozy; took a shower, hit the sheets, and slept like a rock.

Waking well rested this morning, the 2 errands on the gay agenda were accomplished in record time. 

Took a drive down to the bay hoping to find and photograph a few local wind-surfers, but there were none.  Bother! 

I was cheered up when I got home as there was a package waiting for me.  The pre-ordered CD of the new Pet Shop Boys " Elysium" was sticking up out of the mailbox.  Snoopy Happy Dance! Really!

Listening to it now and it's kind of cerebral with some tunes containing swelling orchestrations and a beaucoup use of strings.  But, that's a first impression.  I'll make a copy CD for the car and download it to the cellphone, too.

Stimulated the senses over the past 48 hours and that's not a total waste of time, is it? Have to be at work tomorrow at 8 am, so this will be an early evening - meaning - IT'S TIME FOR OLIVES, boys and girls!!!  Oh, sorry.

And so it goes.

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  1. Mr. Twain remains one of my favorite authors; he remains funny.


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