Sunday, September 2, 2012

Summer's (almost) Gone

This is the last hurrah; crazy within the crazy; blue moon lunacy; and great times, all wrapped up with copious amounts of margaritas.

Everyone at work is beyond exhaustion at this point and we're counting hours, minutes, and seconds until it's finally over. The restaurant served over 1200 customers yesterday and today looks to be an almost exact duplicate.

I worked 10 hours yesterday and a mere 9 hours today before staggering home where I am enjoying a few olives hoping to muster up energy enough to prepare supper.  Something light and simple, oh, and quick.  A hot Epsom salts bath is waiting in the wings like a siren's song - damn the consequences.

The image above was shot on the way to work today (yes, it's overcast and humid) of the "beach flags" - beach towels and other items hung on balconies to dry - at the Breakers Hotel.  Hey, it's a tradition here. (click the image to embiggen.)

And so it goes.

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  1. almost over honey; hang in there; less than 30 hours to go!


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