Friday, June 7, 2013

Andrea, The Third

It began on June 1 and will continue til November. What is it? Why, it's hurricane season, silly.  And mind you, no time was wasted in finding and naming the very first one. Andrea!  That's the name of my oldest niece, BTW.

This is the third storm named Andrea in the last decade. One in 2007, another in 2011, and now this big girl. I suppose she didn't do much damage in her last 2 incarnations, or they would have retired the name by now.

Anyway, Andrea is making her way inland up the Atlantic coast and should be here later today with heavy rain and thunderstorms, and winds of about 45 mph. No longer hurricane force winds, but more than enough to damage the still fragile coastline here.

There are empty shelves at the markets - especially bread, milk and toilet paper - and don't ask why. I've given up on that list. As I checked out my grapefruit, oranges, and bananas the cashier just stared at the stash in disbelief. I smiled. She finally did, too.  Fun.

The sky is black and menacing this morning. The wind has kicked up, but nowhere near that 45 mph level, and I am getting ready for work. We never know how stormy weather will effect business. Whenever we predict that no one will venture out in this ________________(fill in the blank), we have been slammed all day, mostly diners, but the bar has its fair share of business, as well.

Heavy rains and coastal flooding are in the mix for this area. So far, the rain is steady with no thunder or lightening, so far. I hope this early first storm isn't an omen of things to come.

To all my blogger buddies here on the east coast, take care and stay safe. See you on the other side.

And so it goes.


  1. we are under a flash flood watch up here. thank bob I don't live near any bodies of water! it's been raining all day with no wind.

  2. ive been fascinated by hurricanes since my youth. There is still a morbid thrill to see the big ones come ashore like Godzilla and raise havoc.


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