Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It's Not The Heat, It's The Humidity

It's my day off.  It's also close to 100' this afternoon. There is a severe weather alert for the area until 8 pm. There are places to go, people to see, and other things on the gay agenda list.  None of these will be done today.

Why?, you may ask.  Well, I'll tell you. At about 6:30 this morning I grabbed the full laundry bags, supplies, and a fist full of quarters. As soon as I opened the door and before my feet hit the porch my glasses fogged up (Shades of NOLA humidity in summer) and breathing was difficult.. Cleaned the glasses and headed to the laundry room where it was relatively cool by comparison, but not for long. The heat of the dryer would see to that. By the end of the second dryer load, the air inside and outside the room were about the same and so was the humidity.

As an aside here: We had no air conditioning when I was a kid.  Stationary and oscillating fans kept the air moving, even though it was just HOT air.  Still, we made do and all of us survived. My grand mother hated rugs and carpets and absolutely adored her hard wood floors, which she kept waxed to perfection.  In summer, as I lay prostrate on the floor directly in front of one of those big fans, I could see the condensation beads on those floors. Not something to ever forget. We survived and I spent most daylight hours in Lake Pontchartrain.  Yes, IN it. Usually snorkeling or floating in old inner tubes (auto tires had tubes back then and when they had been patched up too many times to be safe on autos, they were handed down to us kids as floating, crabbing, or craw-fishing devices) with other kids from the neighborhood.


You see, my apartment is very small with the thermostat set at 76' in summer to keep the air cool, and dry as well.  Cotton is king in this home,  I am usually in shorts, tee-shirts and barefooted so I am pretty comfortable most of the time.  Having done 2 full loads of laundry, cleaning the bi-focals three times in the process, I decided to find things to do without going out anywhere. I mean, I can always clean the bathroom.  In fact, I seem to do that all the time these days and I wonder what that means...

I know that when it's hot and humid most people crave an ice cold beer in a frosty glass.  Not me.  Right about now I crave a Rum & Coke with Lime.  There is only one snag here; no Rum.  No coke or lime for that matter. Bother!

Then I considered the old summer standby - Gin & Tonic - but while I have the Gin there is no Tonic and again, no lime. And speaking of Gin, I tried the Bluecoat gin suggested by Anne Marie, distilled in PA.  While it is smooth with a definitive Juniper aroma and taste, it just can't top my taste for Bombay Sapphire.  Still, Bluecoat is a very good product.  I would not waste it by mixing it with anything.

I suppose I could indulge in one of those "Freeze & Squeeze" thingies. Applied directly to the top of the head should cool me down.  Oh, and speaking of F & S, I tried the Parrot Bay brand and wasn't thrilled. The Smirnoff is more like a slushie while the PB was more like flavored, chunky ice rocks with little flavor at that.

Fourth of July is only NINE days away!  It's all downhill from there.  Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Except for that frightfully annoying month - August.

Sweet Baby Jesus on toast-points, if I'm carrying on like this in June, what will I be blubbering about come August?  I dare not think that far ahead.  One Freeze & Squeeze coming right up.
And so it goes.


  1. yeah, my air conditioner (set at 75F) went on on sunday. this 100% humidity makes it difficult to breathe for asthmatics like me.

    bombay and bluecoat are quite respectable; just DON'T pour me gin that comes in a gallon plastic bottle - SWILL!

  2. Yea, I remember my boyhood without air conditioning in the South. Not only that, but my bedroom was upstairs, which was always hotter than downstairs. We had a huge window fan in one window upstairs and only opened one window on the opposite side to pull in the cooler night air, which sometimes dipped into the upper 60s.

    Drinking alcohol just makes me feel even hotter. A nice cold lemonade filled with crushed ice makes me feel better.



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