Wednesday, July 17, 2013

And, The Heat Goes On, The Heat Goes On.

Paging Sonny & Cher!!!

No let up in the near future. This is likely to remain with us well into the weekend.  It was hotter here today than in New Orleans, and that's saying something. The humidity was higher there, but that's to be expected, after all.

I felt age creeping up on me today.  By the time I walked the 3 short blocks to the restaurant I was soaked and found breathing difficult.  I was grateful that whoever closed last night had the good sense to leave the AC on, even at a higher temperature than normal. At least the air was dry.

I dried off in the rest room and sat at the bar with a huge glass of water in order to reduce my body temperature.  For a good half-hour I felt light-headed and dizzy (now stop that!)  I put on a tee-shirt until my dress shirt was dry enough to wear for the day.

I was told there were few die-hard sunbathers on the beach today, even fewer than yesterday and I can understand why. We did a fair lunch today and there are many reservations for dinner tonight, so the restaurant is doing very well, indeed. In fact, most of the good ones in town are doing exceptionally well this season. Probably due to the influx of folks from New Jersey and New York, whose resort beaches remain in limbo and disrepair.

Invited out to Happy Hour by a co-worker who had today off, saying that the usually packed bar in question was empty.  I said, "I wonder why that is?"  and he just laughed.  The bar/restaurant where I was invited is 3 blocks in the opposite direction of my home.  I may be crazy, but I ain't stupid.

After my shift I didn't stay for a AS cocktail.  Didn't think it would be wise.  I know the image above looks refreshing (and they are - oh, watermelon-tinis), I didn't want to chance and incident before I got home.  Although my apartment AC was set at 78' F, it was dry and comfortable when I arrived.  Having shed the damp work drag, a shower was next, followed by a festive martini - which I am enjoying presently. No appetite right now, so I'll wait an hour or so before considering something to eat.

As an aside, my home land-line phone NEVER rings, well hardly ever.  Tonight I've had 3 phone calls within an hour.  One from DirectTV, another from Comcast Cable, and the last from DISHTV.  I guess they're pretty hard up for new business in these parts.  Their collective reaction to my situation was predictable, none could believe I had no TV provider or service.  It was a funny diversion, but that's all it was.

And so it goes.


  1. when I tell people I never watch tv, they get this "does not compute" look on their face.

    then the question "whad ya mean by dat?" do they have a problem understanding english?

    I have better things to do. right now, smooth jazz is on the radio, I have my cats and my knitting, all is at peace.

  2. I can't imagine anyone lying on the beach these days. God.

  3. time for the landline to go and reinvest the saving for your "enjoyment"


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