Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hotel Confirmed - And a Question...

Looks like unless I die or become disabled, I am going on holiday in 60 days!

The other shoe finally, finally, finally dropped! Received email confirmation from the hotel and within minutes of each other.

So, I just paid the second half of the total trip and I am going to have to pinch myself to know it's real and is going to happen.  In fact, the journey begins exactly 2 months from this date as my initial flight departs Philadelphia on Tuesday, September 17.  Nice coincidence, that.

Also received a confirmation from the airport shuttle company reminding me to print copies of the necessary voucher for my round-trip service.  It's been printed out for over a week, but don't tell anyone.

To lock or not to lock, that is the question.

Now I have an important question for you all (important to me, though it may have you rolling on the floor holding your sides and laughing) concerning checked luggage.

I'm from a time when everyone locked their luggage as a matter of course. If some bags were old or the locks broken, the airline would wrap the bag with strong tape used mainly for this purpose.

In a post-911 world, I am told that one doesn't lock their bags, but only packs clothing/shoes in them, so the TSA can have their way with your personals for whatever reason. All personal items are to be in a carry-on bag that is easily searchable by the same TSA workers as you make your way through the scanning process.  I am told this by folks who travel extensively throughout the US, Mexico, and Europe as well.

A few years ago I purchased a Travel-Pro bag; (similar to the one above) the kind used by flight attendants and crew.  It also comes with a shoulder strapped carry-on bag, about the size of an over-nighter in the old days. It's big enough to hold my camera, medications, wigs, makeup, jewelry, pumps, Dopp kit, and travel documents. This bag slides down the handle shaft for easy mobility, less wear and tear on the shoulders, until the other bag is checked in.

This will be its first time use and I ordered a set of 4 locks for the thing (it has more nooks and crannies than an English muffin)  and 4 of them are capable of being locked.  These locks are "TSA Approved" whatever that means. Probably nothing useful.

Anyhoo, I feel uncomfortable leaving the luggage open for anyone to peruse and perhaps remove any item of their choice.  There is nothing of real value regarding my fashion options, but I would be frightfully annoyed if my Spo Butterfly shirt were to disappear, if you get my drift.  There would be blood!

Any comments, or suggestions would be appreciated. Leave a comment or contact me privately if you like.

And so it goes.


  1. Congrats!! A getaway is always good to clear the mind.

    TSA approved locks mean there is supposed to be a master key with which they can open your bag. This way you can leave it locked. Is it a combination lock with a keyhole on it also?

  2. that you asked. I would suggest that you pack your big girl panties in your carry on luggage just in case you have some 'splaining to do.

  3. Here in Holland I have it sealed in plastic when I travel to the USA.

    TSA approved locks will do too, they have a master key. Only after they've opened your case, who says they closed it well...

  4. @Hayward: I was advised against combination locks, so these are keyed padlocks - small and with only one keyhole.

    @Peter: Your comment is what I most feared, but most everyone I know who travels to Europe claim they never lock their luggage. But, note they are traveling FROM the US. Maybe they know something I don't.

    @Ron: YOU are a caution.

    Thanks for the comments and visits guys, always appreciated.

  5. direct flight ? will it fit in the overheads? airline? Delta will valet it at the gate with no charge if the flight is full and the best suggestion is no locks.

    the bag screening is pretty much all automatic the the crew throwing it on the belt don't have the time to peruse it.

    if TSA does pull it for an extended search they will pull you as well from the gate.

  6. @Roger: The only airline offering non-stop flights to NOLA in this area is USAir out of Philly. Delta, American, United (operated by USAir) fly out of Baltimore, but all are more expensive and all make at least one stop or have a connecting flight.

    My time is too precious to waste.

  7. have a good flight; just don't pack any valuables or medications in your luggage.


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