Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Gotham Must Wait. Or, Not.

A  trip to NYC, including an extensive tour of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center is currently off the gay agenda. At least for now, anyway. As I wrote last week, there was a tentative plan in the works through the Cancer Center here  for me to be evaluated for any suitable trials or upcoming studies at MSK.

Aside from being a logistical nightmare - get to Amtrak in Wilmington, DE for a train to NYC, subways/walk to the hospital on York Avenue at 67th Street; go through hours of paperwork, tests, and mental evaluation. (I'd probably flunk right there.) Then reverse the whole affair to Penn Station, to Wilmington, then the drive back home (about 2.5 hour drive) - especially since I would be going it alone the events of this week have pretty much killed the idea. At least to my mind.

I suddenly caught a cold, or had an allergic reaction to something (take your pick) a few days ago and spiked a fever.  With this, at no extra charge, came chest congestion and a wicked cough.  In a Neutropenic like myself, this sets off flashing lights and blaring sirens. Spent 4 hours at the center as they drew blood cultures, took urine samples, prescribed a mega-antibiotic, and re-prescribed one med that was put on hold a few days prior. 

Two days later the fever broke, just in time for the HH Party Monday afternoon.  No fever has dared to return since.

Blood work yesterday revealed low CBC again.  Not good news. There was only a slim chance I could have made the Manhattan trip alone under those circumstances. I didn’t like the odds.

I received 1 unit of blood today, am scheduled for Neupogen shots the next 3 days. The 4th and final cycle of Chemo begins on Monday for 7 consecutive days. There is no time for NYC in there, anywhere.  Even if there was the luxury of door-to-door transportation, it wouldn’t work out right now.

So with all this not happening, it’s another round of hurry up and wait.

I have no other medical appointments for the rest of the week and I am loving it no end. Lots of YouTube documentaries in my future, thank you very much.

And so it goes.


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  1. I do hope the blood gave you a pick me up. Add some vodka to it next time.


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