Thursday, September 4, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Pennsylvania

Washington's Crossing on the Delaware River and New Hope and the historic Delaware Canal.  With friends, Autumn 1977

Delaware River near Washington's Crossing. 

Delaware River Looking to Lambertville, NJ

With longtime friend, Ted.

Historic Delaware Canal Barge Tours

With friends, Harry & Ted on Lambertville-New Hope Bridge across the Delaware River.

Downstream look at the Historic Delaware Canal.

Harry and Ted were off work and it promised to be a glorious Autumn weekend. Harry, from Australia, had never seen much outside of NYC. We settled on this little outing and said, "Hello, Avis?" Car rentals were the quickest, easiest and least expensive transportation out of Gotham back then. We did it often.

We had breakfast at a cafe in New Hope then absorbing all the historic information we could, made a picnic in the woods near Washington's Crossing.

And so it goes.


  1. Use to take Rte. 611 down along the Delaware River from Easton into Doylestown and beyond when we lived in the Poconos near Milford PA. I enjoyed the scenic part along the old canal section of the river that is still there. They have shad ladders up near Easton I stopped at. I never knew they had historic canal stuff over on the Lehigh River part! I'll have to get down there sometime now. No barge tours now just a canal mule boat one.
    I use to frequent a couple of flea markets on Sundays down near Lambertville with a gentleman I knew who lived in Trenton. That was about 10 years ago and I haven't been down there since.

    I wish I had been around there in 1977 like you.....we didn't move to the Poconos until 1986. 1977 was just after the whole Tocks Island Dam debacle ended.

  2. These pictures bring back so many memories. I can almost smell the leaves and the fall air. This from so long ago. Wow.

  3. so whatever happened to the other guys, you handsome man?

    1. Nice pictures, beautiful scenery.

      Take care,

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