Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I was Floored, Literally

Before anything else I must say that I made the best smothered pork chops Saturday evening.  The Sazerac certainly did its part in making them so.  There were parts of the recipe that I’d forgotten and the cocktail helped my memory enormously. Yes, I could only eat one, but that means there are 2 more delicious meals to look forward to in the week ahead. 

It was a lazy, typical Autumn Sunday here. Foggy, misty, gray skies and little breeze to speak of. After a brief walk on the boardwalk I was short of breath and very damp, indeed. No, I didn’t take a slicker. Came home, took a shower, shaved, and made breakfast. 

For some reason I was anxious all day. Too much time alone, I guess.  I was also tired and went back to bed to read and fell asleep again. I didn’t feel right when I woke up. Not at all refreshed.

Poured at glass of iced water The first clue something was amiss was I couldn’t keep the water down. Nothing came up but the water.  Strange. 

Feeling kind of weak and dizzy, I thought it a good idea to put solid food in my stomach; have a few of those frozen entree things but nothing stirred my appetite.  I closed the freezer with the promise that I’d be back again later hoping my appetite would kick in and something would eventually strike my fancy.

I turned to leave the kitchen and miscalculating distances, crashed my right shoulder into the door frame.  This threw me off balance sending me into a sprawling pratfall onto the living room floor - flat on my face. I hit hard.

While lying there becoming intimately acquainted with my lovely pecan flooring, gathering my jumbled thoughts I assessed the body for any damage. Breathing was difficult, I was stunned and dizzy. When I realized everything moved and there was no pain, I got up slowly and made my way to the bed where I laid myself on top of the covers, still fully clothed.

Breathing heavily and shaky I tried to remember what had happened. It suddenly dawned on my frazzled brain that I had reached the lowest level of platelets and hemoglobin that my body could tolerate. Then I fell asleep.

And this is what I woke up to at 3:30 Monday morning.

Guess Who??
Taken  Monday morning at the Cancer Center. My glasses saved my head from hitting the floor, but I have these exquisite deep purple (my fave color) raccoon eyes, and large, swollen bruises on both legs and arms. (I can't wait until they begin to turn that lovely shade of Chartreuse.) This is what low platelets can do to you.

As long as I lay quietly in bed I was fine, but as soon as I had to exert myself - even go to the bathroom - I couldn’t get enough oxygen to keep me up right. 

My regular appointment for Labs was Tuesday, but I knew I wouldn’t make it that far ahead. I called the Center and they told me to come in right away. Gathered all the energy I could muster and made my way to the car. The outside air was cool and brisk so my shortness of breath was brief.

Plopped into a wheel chair, wheeled into Triage, port accessed, blood drawn, then wheeled into one of the bedrooms in the Infusion center to await results. What a surprise when they came: platelets=12, hemoglobin=5.3…we now know my limit and I know the signs to look for.  But, Oy!  at what a price!!!

Just to be safe, they did at CT scan of my head. I was told a tiny brain, gray matter of some kind, was detected, but no internal bleeding. Again, the glasses saved my head.

I received, replacement fluids, platelets, and 2 units of whole blood and was able to walk unassisted to my car 11 hours later.

Still weak and short of breath I was glad of my appointment with the doctor this morning.  At least it didn’t take 15 minutes to put on and tie shoes as it did a day ago. I’m in much better shape today.  Sore and swollen, but better. 

I'll know more later.

And so it goes.


  1. cheese louise, honey! thank the dogs and cats for your glasses! and OF COURSE you have a brain!

  2. So sorry to read about this, Cajun. Take your warning signs seriously, and call 911 for help. Living alone in your situation requires outside intervention sometimes. I'm not sure how your glasses came to your rescue -- sounds to me like you needed a helmet instead. Please take care.

  3. Positive Vibes and Thoughts ...... Have you considered a medic alert pendant!

  4. I'm sorry to read this news, I hope you're feeling better. It must have been a bit scary for you.


  5. Oh Lordy! I can hear the pain beneath the flippancy. A dreadful, truly dreadful happening, C. From one man living in solitude to another, you are in my thoughts, willing you on to get on your feet again - and to stay on them. For what they're worth, my very best wishes to you. Hoping that next comes a most welcome ray of sunshine.

  6. Big hug.
    I so appreciate the way you write and your outlook. Keep it up and watch your step.

  7. That is a smile I see. its good to see you haven't lost your sense of humor. take care and relax.


  8. Sonofabitch! Sonofabitch! Sonofabitch! Cover your floor with pillows. Scootch around on your butt. Run tracks across your ceiling and cuff your wrists to attached puppet lines. Do something but, by damn, don't fall again. Please. Also, that shade of mascara is SO not your color.

  9. When I first saw your picture I thought you were showing us a preview of your Halloween makeup, Mr. Racoon. What happen to your face with your fall reminds me of the time my Mother passed out and hit the floor face first and had two black eyes and a broken nose. My brother and I and nephew and his wife took her to the Emergency Room. As we were checking in my brother and I sensed we were being "observed" a bit differently than my nephew and his wife. My nephew's wife, who is a registered nurse assured them we didn't beat my Mother (elder abuse). The looks we got though.
    Look, no more Kissing the Floor, Okay? Some people will do anything for attention. (Smile)

  10. Reading things late in my catching up I know you are better. I am glad of that.


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