Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sunrise, Summer’s Return, and Slow DSL.

Still fighting this upper respiratory infection and occasional elevated temperature, but after spending all of Thursday & Friday cooped up behind
closed doors, Neupogen shots and medicating as prescribed, I had to bust out.

Watching the sunrise always lifts me up and although it was still cloudy from the overnight storms, it made for a magnificent show off the east coast over the Atlantic. There were few people around, a few folks in slickers walking their dogs, some cyclists and a runner or two. The die-hards!

I sat in peace and enjoyed my iced coffee just happy to be out and among the living. I walked the entire length of the boardwalk (a mile) before heading back home.  It was getting hotter by the minute making it difficult to breathe. It began to sprinkle again, as another storm was on the way. 

As I arrived, Verizon trucks were parking up and down the street.  They’ve been doing lots of work in town, especially, improving and updating wiring in the old bungalows on streets like mine. Since I’ve been having speed issues with my DSL lately, I stopped a friendly looking chap and asked if their work could be causing interference with my upload and download speeds. 

The look on his face said it all, but he regurgitated the company line about speeds varying due to traffic, the plan you have and blah, blah, blah. He did affirm that my phone service had probably been disrupted over the last month or two(which would disrupt the DSL as well), and that I should call the business office to file a complaint;  there may be some compensation for my being inconvenienced. I thought I’d been promised this already, but have not seen proof on the monthly statements.

The fact that they’re working on a weekend was surprising, but the weather has been stormy and hot,  I assume they are on some sort of schedule to get the job finished.

The work being done here is wiring many older homes for the first time for high speed and television services. Many of the bungalows have been sold or changed hands within families and they want to have all the channels of the stoopid available here that they’re running away from at home.  Makes perfect sense.  Not!

There is a lot of infrastructure work to be done and Verizon’s man said they’d likely to be in the area into the next month or more. So, I can look forward to more disruptions in both phone and internet service for a while.  

We pay the highest prices for the poorest quality service in the western world and there’s no end in sight. And the whole idea of bundling all services into a single package with one company seems absolutely insane to me, especially after the Comcast fiasco of a few weeks ago when a few thousand customers lost all services for a few days.  This is 2014 and there is no reason for that to happen outside of a natural disaster. 

Lungs refreshed, filled with good salt air, I opened the windows again for a few hours to do the same for the apartment. Until the heat became too oppressive. Feeling energetic, I made a warm potato salad, one of friend Peter’s great recipes, and enjoyed it with my lunch.

The cough remains annoying and I am tired now.  A good kind of tired. For what it’s worth, I found out the world is still out there, as is the ocean, and I can rest easy this evening. 

And so it goes.


  1. around here, it's either crapcast or verizon. crapcast sucked, so we switched to verizon. have not had a problem since. but it costs me $160/month for landline/FIOS/tv. I don't watch tv EVAH, but spouse does.

    1. Same here, with DISH and DirecTV thrown in. AM, I cannot even imagine paying that kind of money every month. It boggles my mind. I pay $40. monthly for DSL and the land line. That's almost a budget buster sometimes, with all the different drugs, etc.

  2. Its good to hear you were out and about, hopefully that will make rest easier as well.

    Take care,

    1. Thanks Calvin, it was good to be out in the fresh air and I did have a good rest.

  3. Verizon is way overdue for major upgrades in their infra structure. It's not like they'r not making enough money already. They can afford it after eliminating their union workers and replacing people with Menu Hell. One would think living in a new neighborhood as I do I would have the latest service. Not true. Reluctantly I had to go to Comcast (at double the price from $30 to $72 a month) just to get a decent Internet connection. I did have the temerity to call Verizon a year or so ago and ask when FIOS would be available. "Probably not in your lifetime" was the answer. And the beat goes on.

  4. I like sunrises too
    I was glad to see you in good cheer.
    I agree about the medical care of the USA.

  5. I have to agree sunrises are wonderful. We had a beautiful sunset here last night. I get sunrises over mountains and sunsets over the pacific. I do miss the sunrises over the Atlantic. What a wonderful way to start your day, thanks for sharing it....I could even smell the sea.

  6. It was such a pleasure to ride down Route 1 this morning and actually see the macadam gray of the highway instead of impatient out of state vehicles backed up for a couple of miles, inching along to Exit 1A.


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