Sunday, September 14, 2014

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After 5 days of Chemo shots with a minor crisis thrown in, it’s great to relax and allow the body to heal for a couple of days.  There are purple, red, and yellow goose-egg size lumps at the injection sites and they are hot (not hawt!) to the touch.  OK, now stop that!

Some commenters have asked for pictures of recent outings and I’m sorry, but some of the tribe hate their pictures taken, especially me darlin’ Irish lass, Linda, unless she gets really loaded. It’s a shame, really.  She’s quite a handsome woman with bright mischievous eyes and a great smile. In the old days I could match her bip for bip, but no more.  

Anyway, here are a few recent pics of the kilts and my festive sun shielding hat.  Yes, taken indoors, by remote.  Sorry about that.  I hate posing.  Have I said that before? (Click any image to embiggen)

The Utility Kilt with the Kilt pin from Calvin, but without belt and sporran..

The infamous wide brim hat and sporting my JMG tee shirt. On the back of the shirt it is written: 
They Wish We Were Invisible.
We're Not.  
Let's Dance.
I love the shirt.

The Black Watch Tartan Kilt, with sporran. No dress shirt or flashings. 
Just an old tee shirt that reads: 
In the beginning there was the word.
And the word was chocolate.
And it was good.

This is what's behind me in the photos. 


My diet lately has been less than thrilling and much less than my body requires to function and heal; usually one small, but full meal, a snack of cheese or fruit, and one or two Ensure to keep me going.  Not enough.

But it’s tiring to prepare, cook, eat, and clean up when your heart isn’t in it.  This morning, I made an effort to rectify that. Did some grocery shopping, loaded up on steak, pork loin, lamb, chicken, in various shapes and sizes - for single meals and stir-fry’s, as well as stews and hearty soups. If the energy just isn’t there for a steak, potato, vegetable dinner, there will be high protein soup or stew ready for the microwave.  

Eating out isn’t an option for many reasons, but I  enjoy food more in the company of others. (I’m Italian and French, what would you expect?) I dislike dining alone. Always have. I’d rather do takeout than sit alone at a table in a busy restaurant dining room. A table that could have seated 2 or 4 people comfortably. And dining at the bar is out.  Too many people in close proximity. 

While shopping I was recognized by a young man who remembered me from Labor Day HH at Stoney Lonen. He was one who asked questions about kilts and was considering a purchase. Turns out, his girlfriend went crazy when she heard and really thinks he would be super sexy in a kilt. I have to agree he’d look good in one, good legs and all that, but ‘supper sexy’  I guess is in the eye of the beholder.  

I’m a terrible judge of age, but I’d say he’s in his early 30s and in good shape. Anyway, he’s hot to trot. I gave him my email address and said I would send him any info he’s not been able to find for himself.  

Now would you believe that in my many searches for kilts, Utility, Sport, Tartans, etc., I discovered that the State of Delaware has its own tartan plaid. I thought it pretty cool and really striking colors, too. Made to order at Scotweb  and that means they’re very expensive. With all the options, around $300 or $400, when all is said and done. But from what I hear, it’s worth every penny.

It’s Bike week in Ocean City, MD, with the massive spillover invading RB.  No matter.  They’re all cool and professional people and not disruptive at all. Looking for good food, drink, music and other entertainments. No, not that. They are hooked on trivia and karaoke.  Don’t ask.  Town will be hopping again tonight.

I’m ready for supper and a trip to Happily Ever After for a short visit. Not ever after. It’s too soon for that.

And so it goes.



  1. What terrific pictures these are. And I LOVE the kilt. Love. Love. Love.

    1. Thanks, sorry they're so dark and indoors.

  2. don't YOU look handsome in your kilt! and I like the wording on both tee shirts. the wide brim hat is also so you! have a good week, honey; you deserve it. and pour me a bombay and tonic whilst you're at it, please!

  3. I very much enjoyed the photos.

  4. Nice to see recent photos of you.

  5. I like the photos, thanks for posting them. I know you have said you weren't a big fan of the brimmed hat, but I like it - it looks good on you.
    Take care, eat well and heal.

  6. Calvin: you're right, I wasn't keen on the wide brim at first, but after wearing it a while, I got used to it and it's OK now.

  7. Enjoyed the pics over here. Thanks for posting.
    As a new friend from afar I must nudge you...nutrition is important, I know not always easy but important and you know eat dahlink!
    I do love the kilts and the JMG t shirt too,

  8. I'm loving the facial hair on you. Facial hair often makes men look older, but on you it makes you look younger and modern. Good for you!

  9. I love my utility kilt. bought it a few years ago. If I had my way I would wear it all the time. So comfortable. Hardest thing for me is ironing the pleats. It's worth the work.


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