Saturday, December 6, 2014

After the Fall. What Now?

Taking the fall, literally. Typing this won’t be easy, since the left is my dominant hand. In 68 years I neglected the education of my right hand that it is now practically useless. I manage.

Appointment with surgeon is set for Monday hopefully followed by a quick appointment for the surgery.  I can only dream.

Since the fall I’ve noticed that I’m very prone to balance issues - more than I originally thought. With two hands to help keep balance and remain steady, it’s not as obvious. But there are any number of times I could have taken the same kind of tumble here - just not conscious of the danger.  I am now.

The ER doctors kept shooting me up with pain meds. It took three tries and ultimately a call to the Orthopedic surgeon at 1 AM to reset the shoulder. The third set of x-rays he ordered show a piece of bone separated from the main bone, so the surgery.

Of course I was in no condition for Labs on Wednesday. When they were done Thursday the red cells were again down enough for 2 units. Blood was delivered overnight and I sat for 6 hours receiving while very doped up. Back to bed when I got home. Even in the sling the arm is very sore and the hand very weak. 

Though I took off the sling this morning to make a coffee and change shirts, it will go on over a fresh shirt and I will spend most of this 4th day of healing in bed reading, or sleeping. I do not need anything else. Yes, this is frustrating, but it is what it is.

I’m becoming what I wanted to avoid - a burden on those taking care of me - and so I’ve got to pull back some, do more for myself. They’re already blaming themselves for this fall and that will never do. It could have happened anywhere - even in my apartment.

Sure the whole thing sucks wet monkey ass, but it’s done and that’s that.

I am amazed.



  1. Didn't know you are a lefty. I'm sorry this happened. I wish you luck on Monday. I hope all goes well.


  2. please don't get snookered into thinking you are burden. this can be deadly.

  3. I've always had a fondness for Southpaws. Darnitall I wish this hadn't happened but as you stated its done so that's that. I love your attitude. Do keep in mind though your angels love you and helping you is not a burden but a blessing to them. You're a blessing to all of us. Keep kickin Cajun!

  4. Another wicked, Satanic Lefty, eh...I knew there was other reasons for liking you. Keep resting and taking as much pain med as you can, or need. Read and sleep. That's the best medicine.

  5. You are not a burden. Your friends don't think you are a burden. Put such thinking aside and move on.


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