Saturday, December 13, 2014

Balancing Medical Decisions

The Friday appointment with the attorney had to be cancelled due to emergency transfusion on Friday morning. I am sure she wasn’t a happy camper when she learned that news. Couldn’t be helped.

Went into full crash mode on Thursday afternoon, so when I called the Center for advice, they told me 2 units were already ordered while we were speaking and since I was already in a crash scenario just continue to chill, rest and do as little physical activity as I could get away with until I arrived at the Center in the morning.

That was easy to do. All I wanted to do was lie quietly so as not be short of breath and be as careful on my feet to be aware of any possibility of falling. Took a painkiller and high dose of Tylenol before sliding between the sheets where I stayed until morning when I had the tedious struggle to get dressed (hard enough with the use of BOTH hands, a real torture test without) and try to be ready when Jeffrey arrived to transport me. He did have to help me with the sling (the dear!)

It all went smooth yesterday and though I was, by this time, very weak and finding it difficult to put a coherent thought into words there was no panic. I had enough trouble following instructions and answering questions posed by the staff. I managed.  I now know that I can go from a moderately low red blood cell count to a dangerously low one in less than 24 hours. For no apparent reason and without any change to normal daily activity.

At least I was able to recognize and be aware of these quick changes nowadays. Glad I made the right decision early enough that no harm was done and the attorney couldn't whine about wasting her time.

Also, this latest blood - O Positive with modifiers for me - gave me a positive kick, or booster and I feel better today than I have following transfusion in the recent past. For this, too, I am thankful.  I am not going to be doing anything crazy, but I feel like I could put on my dancing shoes and boogie around the living room for a bit.

I am amazed.



  1. yikes! then git yer sweet self over to my blog and boogie down!

  2. When you're down like this just think of The Trammps belting out "Disco Inferno" where "The Happy People Go." Always works for me.

  3. Perhaps just boogie in place for now and use the time to think up the choreography for the happy dance. While of varying heights and proportions, I am sure that there are more in your chorus who would dance it for you than there are Rockettes...and sometimes you have to cast the show with what you got.

  4. I wanna put on my, my, my, my, my Boogie shoes just to boogie with you, yeah
    love you sweet man.

  5. Boogie, oogie, oogie! It's good to hear you're feeling better after the transfusion. (I like Will J's comment.)


  6. O+ with celery stick and a drop of vodka for umami sake.


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