Thursday, December 11, 2014

Just a Thought: A Stagnant Truth.

How far does loyalty and American Patriotism take you when a young, supposedly heterosexual soldier is ordered to rape (FUCK) anally abuse teenage boys?  Forget whether the acts were performed in front of family members, or not. It’s the very act that matters.

Just following orders! (?) Foul, evil, conniving, self-righteous.  Humans enjoy nothing more than the act of harming other humans

Does it take this sick behavior to finally stop you in your tracks to say, “this, my entire way of life, has been a vast red-white-blue lie.”?  Does it?  Even a little bit? No wonder more and more of our soldiers and hurting. There are secrets to keep, they bought into the lie, too.

Yes, by all means, let’s offer a free ride and safe passage to George Bush and Dick Cheney, but do everything possible to draw-and-quarter the likes of Edward Snowden for drawing attention to their crimes, and others.

All humans are truly pathetic, dangerous creatures. We’d rather harm others who suffered as we have, than to banish that suffering and those who ordered it in the first place.

I am sick.


  1. It is sickening indeed! It leaves me speachless and numb.

  2. This is one twisted country for sure when war criminals like Bush and Cheney get off scott free while real patriots like Edward Snowden, who exposed the criminality of our government are demonized and persecuted. I was brought up (brainwashed actually) to believe that this country did not torture or murder. The excuse that some give like the previous "Anonymous" commenter who says "Americans are benevolent when compared to others" is mind numbing in their supposed rationale. And the senseless name calling (*Sissy, girls man") shows you the inhumane thinking of some of our fellow Americans. They walk among us.

  3. One comment removed by the blogger. The commenter used no reading comprehension skills nor critical use of human history while the "anonymous" comment slid down the slope and became a tirade of opinionated bullshit.

  4. “A Man can stand anything, if he can stand himself.” To gaze at drawings and schematics of the marvelous instruments of torture imagined, designed, built and used for the express purpose of maiming and killing other people - sometimes in the slowest ways possible, one needs only to use “The Google” search word TORTURE. There is inherent evil living within all human beings. If you go only as far back as the Nazis or Japanese of WWII, you are indeed missing the best (?) parts. Those guys were much less imaginative and history can prove it.

  5. While I don't think its fair to say ALL HUMANS enjoy torturing others, I do understand and agree with your point that it is disgusting when the former leaders of our so-called enlightened country approved of this behavior and, years later, claim it was necessary to accomplish our country's goals. Wrong is wrong, no matter what your goals are.


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