Monday, December 1, 2014

Apartment Search Continues

I came upon a listing for a rental nearby on the ground level with off-street parking.  As I’ve mentioned before, it’s slim pickings out there. Only a few things wrong with it. Rent is more than I can afford, even if only $25. more. It is a 2-bedroom mobile home, I only need one bedroom. That’s quite a large space to heat with the winter ahead and I don’t know how well insulated the place is. With the compromised immune system, sensitivity to heat and cold is more pronounced. 

The other monthly expenses include water, sewer, and trash pickup. I already pay for electricity so that’s not an extra burden in itself, unless the heating system in the place is also electric. Then it could be a killer.  I know.  From the published image above the place looks clean and neat, well kept.  Yes, but at what expense?

The other issues include snow and ice removal - can’t do that myself - and the Verizon telephone and DSL wiring infrastructure is very old, so I may not have high speed access to the Net. This was a problem when I lived in that area about 6 years ago.  When it rained, snowed, or flooded the phone lines went down - sometimes for days until things dried out and techs could work on restoring service.

At any rate, I’ve called and left a message requesting the approximate cost of each of the added expenses above. I have little hope that everything will be within my budget. Even less hope that I’ll find something affordable and livable any time soon. My hope is to continue to gain strength and weight, get through the dizziness balance issues, navigate the stairs more than once rail, and drive my own car again. 

I am amazed.


  1. Seems to be a lot more than you need and more to worry about. Keep looking, I say.

  2. Keep your eyes on that prize of your steering wheel in your hands.


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