Sunday, February 8, 2015

Home, Hospice, More Updates and Revisionist History

There are these little tidbits I’d like to share, or at least pass along. Warning: May be long for some readers.

My apologies for not answering comments or reading the blogs of others, but dope and high fevers will do that to you, if you get my drift. It didn’t seem that my comments were required at the time. As time goes on and my life (hopefully) begins to stabilize I can find a remedy for that omission.

Just as the Flu was making like Sherman in its relentless march through my body to the sea, two new things popped up (no pun intended); glands in my neck and throat began to swell to the size of large duck eggs. Suddenly I couldn’t move my mouth and the jaws wouldn’t cooperate. The mouth felt as if I were chewing on razor blades, all tiny cuts therein, so sipping anything other than water was a no-no. Another IV antibiotic was called in for that one - took 5 days before jaws would move so I could eat solid foods again.

I lived on water, Ensure, Magic Cup, and ice cream. Even cooked fruit caused the glands to react and stung my mouth like hell.

As the neck glandular swelling receded a new pain and swelling in my groin appeared. Ultrasounds, and x-rays later discovered that I have a hernia - again swells to the size of an egg. Have to wear a special belt whenever I am sitting or standing.  The egg disappears into the intestines when lying down and there is no pain. Tempting, but I can’t allow myself to buy into that scenario. I need to regain my strength. 

The Site Meter visit counter died suddenly last December and the replacement is one of those free things that counts every hit, not only  the extended visits.  So, just know that I am not so popular as it may appear.  But you knew that already.

I have to work on the info for the Funeral Home (payment in advance, no kidding) for the what will be done with my remains and the info for the death certificate as well as any obituary I may want to have published.  Yes, all paid for in advance. I guess to prove in some bizarre way that I am not play-acting and this is the real thing.

And speaking of Obituaries - or as in this funny but sad case a pre-obituary - there is THIS revision of history I stumbled upon this morning and haven’t decided just how sick, sad, poorly thought out and written, and over the top it really is. I’ve never read a pseudo-obituary. That said, especially where the writer gives themselves more ink than the supposed subject of the piece. This from a person who lives in the past, loves to play the put-upon misunderstood martyr in all situations. 

In any event, he becomes the larger-than-life martyr with each retelling of this tale (it’s been reincarnated a few times on his blog) because well, it’s all about him, after all. I guess I ought to be angry, but at this stage what’s the point. That would take more energy than being sad for the man, which is more than he deserves. 

At this time when my health is fragile I prefer people in my life who love, respect, and care about me. Unfortunately, this person isn’t one of them. 

Anyone involved in the retelling of this sordid, long-forgotten anecdote (supposedly about the subject of the obit although any connection is a vague stretch, indeed) is either long gone or have long ago forgotten the original childish situation.

Anyway, it could be your laugh of the day.  Your choice.

My walking stick has arrived just in time for my release from hospital. The one I really had my eye on was made in Ireland out of traditional Black Thorn, was a bit expensive and would take 4 to 6 weeks before being dispatched. Of course, I couldn't wait that long, so this one will do me well. In three sections it is quite sturdy and a full 55’ tall when screwed together. It comes with a canvas bag and collapses to 18” sections.  I love the thing. As I said in an earlier post, I didn’t want a traditional cane, but rather a hiking/walking stick for more stability and security. And here it is.

Meals on Wheels will be set up tomorrow or next day helping to provide 1 to 3 meals daily, and the weather is supposed to warm up by week’s end. After being in a germ-infested, temperature-controlled environment for so long it’s taking me a while to get used to real fresh air and the cold temperatures. Truth be told, it’s in the 40s but very cold to my tired emaciated old body.

Every hour I push myself a little harder, a little farther from my comfortable cocoon to do more for myself once again. That under the care of Hospice I get to self medicate is a luxury beyond measure. No more having to wait an additional 3 hours before the hospital computer tells me I can have pain med is a boon to me and all mankind. I don't abuse the privilege, but it's nice to know it's there. 

I just read that Hospice will provide Oxygen if needed, as well as one of those emergency medical alert systems (like that annoying “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” thing) so I’ll find out more in the coming week as I get settled in to this new living situation.

Just as I wrote that last bit a phone call came in from Hospice - it was a daily check-in to find out if all was well or if anything was needed. 

The fact that I need someone to shave my head (after 2 months it’s very scary) was not included in their offer of aid.  The last time I shaved was before the shoulder dislocation, when I was able to lift my arm above my head…not any more. I’ll have to figure out something else, is all.

Hell, I’m amazed I’m still here and back at my own place, for however long I’ve got.

If all goes well and my strength improves I will be having a lunch of Fish and Chips with a pint of Newcastle Brown Ale with Linda and Jeffrey tomorrow. To say I’m looking forward to the outing would be an understatement. 

“Do what’s necessary, then do what’s possible, and suddenly you find you’re doing the impossible.” Anonymous

Still Amazed.



  1. I'm so glad to hear you are leaving the hospital! I hate hospitals, and don't know how anyone's supposed to get any rest or healing there with all the noise and sleep interruptions. Enjoy your lunch with Linda!!

  2. "I can’t allow myself to buy into that scenario. I need to regain my strength." - a-MEN, cajun! no sitting around; as spo's father would say "there's work to be done!" and your work is to get stronger so you can go out on wonderful lunch dates with kind friends.

    thank you for posting this update. it helps those of us who are not nearby to peak into your world.

    would a barbershop visit help your hairy bear situation? when you are stronger, of course.

    the walking stick looks very dapper; I want to see a pix of you with it on the boardwalk in the spring! promise me you will do that! :)

    {{{{{hugs}}}}} and many smooches!

  3. I read the "Pre_obituary" piece when it was first published and all I could think of was 'this isn't the man I've known for years" and did get the feeling that the writer was trying to make something more out of nothing. I didn't contact you and glad I didn't I'm sorry you had to find and read this piece yourself.
    You are many things, but you are nobody's fool. You are honest, someties brutally so, but that's what makes you unique. I always know where I stand and if I lie to myself, I've only myself to blame for the end results. Keep doing what you do and don't worry about the time you have left. I am happy to hear about Hospice involvement.You are in good hands now.
    Rest well. Always the best to you, my friend.

  4. It's good to hear from you and I imagine you are very happy to be back home. The walking stick looks beautiful. Please have a good lunch with Jeffrey and Linda. You are in my thoughts and I wish you well.


  5. I'm pretty sure Hospice will shave your head for you. Won't know until you ask.

  6. Oh my. I read that. I understand your feelings. I just hit "post" on a comment over there. I'm afraid it may not be taken well, but hope he can understand in some way my take on his post. He moderates comments so I'm not sure if he will approve it or not.
    I only know you a little bit from this here blog thingy but you are a friend to me. You have been since day 1. I love your smile, your sense of humor and your care. You have always supported me and I support you even though I can't give you a furry hug in person, I can send you one in this text. Keep it up my dear, there's a reason your still here through all of that. Keep sharing that smile and that sense of humor of yours and know that we enjoy it, you bless us.

  7. At this time when my health is fragile I prefer people in my life who love, respect, and care about me..
    I hope we in the blog community fill some of this need.

  8. Home. For whatever reason and circumstance you are HOME - with the prospect of friends, fish and chips, and Newcastle brown ale. May I give thanks?

    And, oh my! What an elegant stick! I imagine that you will create quite the sensation around town!


  9. Only just catching up on unread posts, I've now read the above and, apart from conveying to you further heartfelt wishes for your continued 'repair' I'll only add that, since Newcastle Brown Ale has been mentioned, there was a national news item here just a few days ago, saying that its manufacturers are changing its taste (only slightly, they say) to better accommodate American tastes. Something to do with the caramel aspect, I heard. Not sure whether it's to increase or reduce it. Needless to say, British imbibers of the 'beverage' are up in arms at this 'outrage'. I've no further comment to make as was never a great fan anyway.

  10. Positive Thoughts And a Vibes With You Home.

  11. Dear friends,

    I just heard the news that our friend Wayne past away last night at 12:07 AM at the hospice. Joe from Dos Locos left a message in my Facebook account.

    Even though I never met Wayne, we're 6,000 miles and an ocean apart, I do miss him. At last he's without pain... and in a place where people like him are welcomed with open arms... Heaven.

    1. Peter, thank you for letting us know about Wayne. He will be missed. I only met him once in the hospital, but he was a wonderful man. As you said, he is no longer in pain and his suffering is over. This is a sad day.


  12. I’m really sorry to hear this but I guess it was not unexpected. I’ve been reading his posts for a long time and most times enjoyed reading what he wrote. I will miss them and him. I’m glad he left someone with the ability to let us know of his passing, thank you for that.

    I feel the world is less now without him.

    An Anonymous Fan

  13. Farewell, dear Wayne. Look down and read how much you were - and are - loved. Everlasting peace is now yours. Thanks for having been here. XXX.

  14. I am having some olives in your memory; I have your shirt.
    You will be remembered.
    thank you.

  15. Thank you dear Cajun for encouraging me from day one of my blog. I will miss you but know you are smiling down on us. I will try to share the love and the smile you gave me so that the love you shared may live on. Peace to you. Until we meet again on another plane, big furry fearsome hug and kiss to you Dear Cajun.

  16. I just heard of your passing. I am blessed to have had the privilege of meeting you. May you rest in peace, with no more pain. You will be missed. A lot.

  17. Wayne was a fellow Louisiana Man, who lived somewhat a lil far away, but never lost his Cajun roots of honesty and being forthright. I never meet him but was privileged to have heard from him time to time on his opinions about life and his personal comments about my blog. I will cherish his comments and his memory will live on.

  18. I miss having my morning coffee with you Wayne. You fought a good fight & for that you should be proud. I will also miss your sarcastic wit and your great story telling. I'm sorry I never got to meet you. Rest in peace my friend.


  19. You have been gone one month now and you are missed.


  20. Today is your birthday - you are missed.


  21. spouse and I visited dos locos this weekend; we felt your spirit hovering (with a martini in hand) as we ate and drank and toasted your memory. everyone there misses you, and so do we.

  22. you have been gone one whole year. you are still remembered and missed and loved. do you smell olives?

  23. You left us a year ago, and you are very much missed. I think of you and your kindness often.


  24. I never knew you, and in the normal course of affairs we would probably never meet. But I've just finished reading through all your blog posts, and came to admire you very much. Rest in peace, friend I never met.

  25. two years ago today, you left us. hope the olives are still sweet.

  26. Today is your birthday. You are thought of often and missed very much.


  27. I know you are no longer here with us. You are gone to a much better place, where ever you wanted to Go to!!! I just wanted to say that I miss your writings, commentary, and thoughts. John P also has passed. I just wanted your to know that too,.

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  31. Old Blogger Friend... I know that Your Spirit is out there somewhere.... I just wanted to say Hello...

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  36. Glad to hear that you're out from the hospital Stay safe!


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