Sunday, June 3, 2012

Annual 5K, Breakfast, and so on...

Due to the euphoria-induced post regarding the "Happy Hour" experience, I neglected to mention that today was the 2nd. annual 5K Run sponsored by the restaurant. It's all for charity.

The Run steps off at 7:30am and is usually over within 45 minutes. I call it a quickie in rubbers, but what do I know. OK, that's the scenario and here's the dish.

In order to serve a post-event breakfast to 200+ maniacal running freaks, I had to be at the restaurant at 6:15 this morning. Turned on everything, made coffee for the kitchen staff who began arriving at 6:30. There were scrambled eggs, home fries, bagels, butter, cream cheese, hotdogs & buns to be prepared - two crates of bananas, and oranges to arrange for presentation, as well.

Everything was set up as a buffet. Three servers were on hand to serve coffee, juices, and soda, as well as perform cleanup. Free draft beer was available to adult runners after 9am. (State Law.)

Chaos was minimal, and as the runners departed full and loaded, (or fully loaded) we were able to open the front doors for fresh air.  I mean, have you ever been in an enclosed space with 200 sweaty runners before?  Uh huh, yes, think about it. Whew!

The kitchen retooled as the dining room morphed to it's usual layout so we could open to the public at 11am.  Everyone was tired, as if we had already worked a full shift, but there were 6 more hours to go for us lucky ones; 10 for those working a double shift.  Bless them!

I made it to 5:15pm, when my relief arrived and the dining room was beginning to fill with folks just coming off the beach. I wanted to head for home, but a few regular customers (the dears) snagged me, demanded that I have a cocktail and sit with them, so I did.  I must admit that I was anxious at first, but as we talked, and I sipped, the shoulders and neck relaxed and I enjoyed our time together.

Home now with a chicken breast broiling, green beans roasting, and about to pour a glass of wine to enjoy with supper.

Exhausted doesn't cover it, but since I don't have the energy to search for a better word, will have to do.

And so it goes.

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  1. Prayers that you make it through the season in health and good spirts.


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