Thursday, June 14, 2012

Today I Was Told That:

...When I wear this silk shirt, I look like a Central American banana plantation owner. I love this shirt.  It's cool and comfortable and I don't get to wear it often.  Very cheeky comment, indeed.

Note: That's my Mexican buddy.  A server with a great sense of humor and honor. His nickname is "Piolin" which means "Tweety Bird" in Spanish, so I am told. Tweety is his favourite cartoon character, so what's not to love? (Click to embiggen.)

...I remind someone of the son they gave up for adoption 30 years ago, and they showed no remorse.  I wonder how old that son might have been and why he was given up.  Maybe it's better not to.  That guy is better off with his adoptive family, trust me.

...I "sucked" because I wouldn't give more than 4 quarters to a douche-nozzle walking in off the street, too stoopid to bring her own loose change to a town known for metered parking, and too lazy to walk a half block to the machines that would give her as many quarters as she wanted.

And so it goes.


  1. I love my Hawaiian shirts too, comfy and cool. Just bought some new ones. I don't care people find them bold, I just let them think I went to Hawaii.

  2. I think the shirt looks ducky.


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