Monday, June 18, 2012

Debut of the Dazzling Butterfly Shirt

The day was perfect. The time was right. I was committed, excited, psyched, and ready.  My amazingly beautiful Butterfly shirt designed and created for me by Dr. Spo (the dear) made its debut yesterday in Rehoboth Beach & Dos Locos by 9 AM. (click images to embiggen. The photo-bomb centered, establishes Erick as silly-ass of the day.)

The reviews were overwhelmingly positive. Local merchants, staff, cops ("damn! I should have you with me on a foggy night." Yes, he was talking about the shirt, dammit!) people on the street, customers; were all amazed by the shirt's beauty.  As I walked to work, someone in a passing car called out,  "Wow! How much does it cost to recharge that thing?" Then gave a thumbs-up and said, "Lookin' Good!"

It was probably the most photographed image in all of Rehoboth Beach yesterday.  God only knows how many are now on Facebook. Lots of customers wanted their picture taken with me and the shirt. Well, mostly the shirt.

Sunday being yet again a long 9-hour day - with Brunch at 9 AM, followed by Lunch, and Fathers Day specials - I made it through with energy to spare, thanks to the recognition and reception the shirt received.

While examining the shirt someone said it was made with pride, thoughtfulness, care and love.  I believe it is so. That is how I imagine the good doctor.

I may have chosen the fabric, but Dr. Spo made the magic happen and created for people he may never know personally, (including me) a brighter, happier world.

And so it goes.


  1. Wayne, it looks good on you, and shaves off a few years too.

  2. Yes, "dazzling" is a good description for the shirt, but I would go a tiny bit further and call it outright "blinding" but in a very happy, good way.

    And you know how to work it, too. Good for you and the friend who thought enough to make it for you.


  3. I am so thrilled and honored so, you have and enjoy your shirt. Thanks for wearing it!

  4. anne marie in phillyJune 23, 2012 at 6:05 PM

    holy jaysus, but THAT is a shirt! and made by the master shirtmaker spo no less! lucky you!


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