Friday, June 29, 2012

New Rehoboth Watering Hole: Big Sissies!

Although it's not necessarily for, or about, Sissies, it's a new place that recently opened just across the canal - across the bridge - from RB proper. Haven't been there myself.  Are you kidding, with my schedule I haven't time to go anywhere.

Word-of-mouth scuttlebutt has been mixed and all reviews have run something like this (non-review) from today's issue of our weekly paper:
Rehoboth BeachSay this much for new Rehoboth Beach restaurant Big Sissies Bar and Grill: with a name like that, you don’t forget it.
Big Sissies opened June 6, and despite the colorful name, it is a back-to-basics type of bar and grill.
Co-owner Joe Amato described Big Sissies as “good comfort food that doesn’t break your pocket.” Having previously worked at Partners and Double L, Amato was curious about opening his own place when Nourish moved out of the space at 37385 Rehoboth Ave.
“I thought, ‘This could work as a small, neighborhood bar and restaurant,’” he said.
Amato teamed up with friends Mickey McGraw, Jim Humes, Greg Grevera and Robert Hicken to open Big Sissies. The chef at Big Sissies is Russell Simonds, who previously worked at Saketumi and Deli 88.
Amato said the name was a happy accident.
“Well, none of us could decide what to call it. We were all out drinking one night. One person called the other one a big sissy and it just sort of went from there. It just sort of stuck. I think we’ll have a lot of fun with it,” he said.
The rest is HERE.

And so it goes.

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