Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Very Spo Meme

Spo, (the dear) offered up the following meme and since for some reason, I cannot leave a comment at his site - something about my password being incorrect - I thought I'd post my answers here, instead.  Here goes:

An evening with friends …… is jolly good fun !  (fill in the blank)
Tea, wine, or champagne?  - All three, plus a good Gin.
How left handed are you? - so much so that I have trouble securing cufflink to the left sleeve.
The loudest item of clothing I have …………. my very own Spo shirt.  Butterflies!
The Best Friend: who is s/he? - No one anymore.
I’d rather eat rats in Tewkesbury than…… Lima Beans or Okra in New Orleans

How many of these have you done?:

1. Been to an opera - Yes. A few times at the NY Met.

2. Read a novel by Dickens - Yes, quite a few.

3. Drank Bourbon - Yes. Maker's Mark & Wild Turkey. No rubbish!

4. Been to Key West - No, but would love to visit someday.

5. Visited The Stratford Festival of Canada - No.

6. Spiders give you the heebie-jeebies. - Yes.  And many insects, too.

7. Been to Michigan - Yes.  Once. Many years ago.

8. Rolled down a grass hill. - Yes. Well, not a hill exactly, it was a levee on the Mississippi River. Again, many years ago.

9. Ate Synder Pretzels - Yes. They're the Best!

10. Used the word ‘rubbish” in the past 30 days. - Yes.  I use "rubbish" in polite company in place of "bullsh*t" which is my fave.

11. Worn a bow tie - Yes.  Only with my tuxedo, though.

12. Have a set of Viking horns - No.  Sadly, no.

Well, there you have it. Now you know more trivial bullsh*t about me.

And so it goes.


  1. you own a spo shirt?

    I am jealous x infinity!

  2. thank you !
    I like Maker's Mark too, #46 is even better.


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